Nine Gems - Part 1

We are blessed and fortunate to have received the divine love, grace and blessings of our Guru and God, Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba who is the universal teacher, divine teacher, and teacher of teachers, who has shown us the goal of life and the way to attain it through the path of love and service. His every word is a mantra, and His writings are the essence of all scriptures. In His infinite love and grace, He has given us a treasure-house of knowledge through His divine discourses and writings in the form of Vahinis – practicing which, our life will be redeemed. His discourses, writings, and conversations, as well as His exemplary life, are unparalleled in human history, both with respect to their content and their efficacy in transforming countless lives for the better.

This Study Guide, in preparation for the Guru Poornima celebrations, presents selected letters of Swami which He has written to the devotees, His students, teachers and spiritual seekers, guiding them in various aspects of life. We are very happy to share nine letters which are precious gems, giving us guidance on various spiritual practices – like Namasmarana, the path of knowledge, meditation, and surrender to lead us to the goal that we are divine and everything is Brahman. Let us dive deep into these words of our beloved Lord Sai and enjoy peace and bliss therefrom.