My Dear! Have you got any spiritual hunger?

Spiritual hunger is the ultimate meaning of every activity in life. The dissatisfaction and the restlessness that remain even after obtaining all the necessities of life show that everyone consciously or unconsciously, does suffer from spiritual hunger and it is not appeased until the spirit within is realised. Without this divine discontent there is no real progress.

World peace is possible when all the people of the world wake up to the facts governing universal life and when there is a heart to heart feeling of goodness, Love and oneness among the inhabitants of the world.

With Blessings
Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Q: Once you first understood that the restless dissatisfaction in your life is from spiritual hunger… how have you tried to satisfy that spiritual hunger?

Q: How has the divine discontent prompted you to wake up to the heart-to-heart feeling of goodness, love, and oneness?