Dear Nanjundaiah! Accept my blessings.

The best method of spreading Vedanta philosophy is to live it. There is no other royal road.

Live in GOD. All is right. Make others live in GOD. All shall be well. Believe this truth, you will be saved.

In the lowest worm as well as in the highest human being the same divine nature is present. The worm is the lowest form in which the divinity has been more over shadowed by Maya; that (human being) is the highest form in which it has been least overshadowed. Behind everything, the same divinity is existing and out of this comes the basis of morality.

Assert your GOD head. Fling into utter oblivion the little bubble bursts, it finds itself, the whole ocean. You are the whole, the infinite, the All.

You are Divinity itself; the holy of Holies. The world is no world. You are the All in All, the supreme power which no words can describe; nobody or mind. You are the pure ‘I am’. That you are. Heaven is within you. Seek happiness not in the object of senses. Realize that happiness is within yourself.

With Blessings
Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Q: When you look around at the state of the world, what spiritual practice most helps you to know the truth that “All is right” and “All shall be well”?

Q: How can you shift from feeling you’re a separate self, to knowing without doubt that “You are the whole, the infinite, the All… the pure ‘I am’”?