Dear Rajagopal! Accept my Blessings and Love.

All are happy days to a man of true knowledge. Happiness is an internal conscious experience which comes as the effect of the extinction of a mental or physical desire. The lesser the desires, the greater is the happiness. So, that perfect happiness consists in the destruction or satisfaction of all desires in the Absolute Being.

Greatness is really independent and does not depend upon externals. It is the sense of perfection or the consciousness of the achievement of the highest end of life that is called greatness. Fame among many people is not called greatness in its strictest sense. The answer is more a question of definition, and the definition depends on the view-point, culture and experience of each man.

Goodness is not false or impossible, but is the one factor which gives real value of life. Life without goodness is not real life, but only a scene of the destructive dance of the evil forces which shall drown the individual in grief. Goodness is the way to true happiness. In the ultimate analysis, there is no separate entity as goodness. It obtains only in the relative plane, where duality is transcended, no question of pairs of opposites arises. Raja, God is always with you, in you. Be happy.


Raja! I am sending little Prasad (Vibhuti) for your health. Your health is not good. Be healthy and happy

With Love

Q: When in your life have your mental or physical desires prompted you to feel unhappy?

Q: How do you nurture goodness in your daily life and how does this help you to transcend duality and experience oneness?