Camp “Brindavan”

Dear Rajagopal! Accept my Love and Blessing. How are you? don’t worry about your health. GOD is always with you, in you, around you, Be always happy, Bend the body, mend the senses, end the mind, this is the process of attaining immortality. Where there is faith there is devotion where there is devotion there is purity where there is purity there is GOD where there is GOD there is Bliss.

GOD is with you. You are GOD. Why worry? Raja! I am sending prasadam with your wife. She is very worried about your health, she is very good woman!

With Blessings.

Q: In your life, what are the clouds of worry that hide the sun of being always happy?

Q: What spiritual practice helps you to shift into directly knowing that “God is always with you, in you, around you... You are GOD”?