“Letters” are a collection of correspondence between Sri Sathya Sai Baba with His students, followers or officers in the Organization.

A letter to His brother (1947)

I have a ‘task’: to foster all mankind and ensure for all of them lives full of bliss (ananda).

Swami's Letters to Hislop

Topics: All are in the same stream, The Secret of Perfect Health, Man is God, Keep Trying, Oh! Lord Prayer, Let God Work Through You etc.,

Swami's Letter to Nanjundaiah

Topics: Assert your Godhead.

Swami's Letters to Rajagopal

Topics: Assert your Godhead, God is Always With You, Life Without Goodness is not Real Life, I lit the Lamp of Love Inside of You etc.,

Swami's Letters to Students and Professors

Topics: Take Refuge in Sai, Be like the star which never wavers from the crescent.

My Dears!

Topics: Within You is the Real Happiness, Religion is the movement towards perfection, Truth Alone is One's Real Friend and Relative, Spiritual Hunger etc.,

Swami's Letter to Sri R. Chatterji

Topics: There was no one to know who I am.

Swami's Letter to Mr. and Mrs. Riordin

Topics: Become a true bhakta, a true jnani.

Swami's Letter to Swami Kriyananda

Topics: Enter the Abode of Bliss.

Swami's Letter to Smt. Subbamma garu

Topics: When I am residing in your hearts how can you be far from Me?

Swami's Letter to Charles Penn

Topics: You are the Substance - not the shadow, I Have Come for the Whole World, Be Steady in Your Sadhana.