Swami has given a multitude of beautiful discourses, often to thousands of people at a time. He has also taken the time to share His guidance with individuals, couples, and small groups through personal letters. These letters give us a taste of His guidance so we can know in our hearts that the same personal wisdom from our Guru is available to every person, at any time or place. Swami's handwritten Letters are presented below in chronological order with translations on a white background.

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Nine Gems - Part 1

Nine Gems - Part 2

Guru Purnima 2022 Study Guide

Topics: Within You is the Real Happiness, Religion is the movement towards perfection, Truth Alone is One's Real Friend and Relative, Spiritual Hunger, Realize the Heaven within you, Crush Your Ego and Realize Him, Constantly Practice the Remembrance of Him, The Whole Universe is a Mere Dream, Come one - come all, Non-differentiating vision is wisdom (Abheda Darsanam Jnanam), Religion is the movement towards perfection, From the Divine parent, The bird with you, the wings with Me, The ecstasy of God’s name is the real fulfillment of life, Become like the flute, Experience the sweetness of God's love, Fill the heart with the Light of Prema, Perfect security under the protecting grace of the supreme Lord