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God is One

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Sathya Sai Education

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Humanitarian Relief in Tacloban, Philippines - Video

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Importance of Service

A discourse on the spiritual significance of selfless service

Does SSSIO have documentary proof?

The SSSIO has charter, guidelines, and operational manuals for Centers.

Does SSSCT know Bhagawan Himself set up SSSIO?

Yes, the Trustees of the Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust are aware of the functions and structure of the SSSIO.

Where is the headquarters of SSSIO?

SSSIO officers and Prasanthi Council members are dispersed around the world. The fact is that the each country would have its own headquarters for its operations.

Did Swami set up SSSIO to never be changed?

Swami made many changes when He was in the physical form, but He never changed His direction that the Prasanthi Council and the World Foundation should be the governing and administrative bodies of the SSSIO.

Did SSSCT appoint Dr. Reddy as SSSIO Chair?

There was never a moment during the decades of the SSSIO that Swami said the SSSIO should report to the Central Trust.

Did SSSIO ever report to SSSCT?

Swami never told Prasanthi Council members to report to the Central Trust or to any member of the Central Trust.

Is SSSIO hung up about GC supervision?

No. Swami set up the Sri Sathya Sai World Foundation (SSSWF) and the Prasanthi Council to govern and administer all functions of the SSSIO respectively. SSSWF is a legal body independent of the Central Trust.

Is SSSIO misinterpreting GC structure?

The SSSIO concern is with the emphasis of GC control over SSSIO appointments of officers at all levels.

What happens to countries that remain in SSSIO?

Most countries remain with the SSSIO and continue all their activities as previously.

Is this a power grab by SSSIO leaders?

It is the opposite and is a clear grab for power by the SSSCT.

Should SSSIO just agree to last points?

The proposal for the Global Council does not honor the Swami's divine command.

Did SSSIO leaders discuss GC concept with devotees?

The chain of communication followed to disperse words to devotees in the SSSIO.

Who appoints SSSCT members?

The deed of the SSSCT may guide the appointments of the Trustees. SSSIO don't have access to the SSSCT Trust deed.

How long is the term of the managing trustee?

The charter or terms of reference of the Central Trust are not known.

Were SSSSO and SSSCT aware of workings of SSSIO?

Many meetings were held with the Central Trust through the years about the workings of the World Foundation, Prasanthi Council, and Zone Chairs.

May SSSIO and GC have joint events

All Sai devotees are truly brothers and sisters. The SSSIO will welcome all to join its events but would not welcome disruption.

What broke down negotiations between SSSCT and SSSIO?

The supervision and control of the Global Council by the SSSCT on the major appointments will disrupt the structure and functions of the SSSIO.

Did SSSIO communicate with SSSCT after 20 Nov 2020?

Dr. Anupom Ganguli and Mr. Leonardo Gutter give a detailed account of the interactions of the SSSIO and SSSCT from Nov 2020 to the present as they were present.

Is this about Dr. Reddy just holding onto his position?

No. The SSSIO leadership including the Board of the Directors of the SSSWF, Members of the Prasanthi Council and Zone Chairs unanimously selected Dr. Reddy to continue as Chairman of the SSSIO.

Did Swami move beyond the charter of 1981?

Yes. Swami changed the charter as the times changed as He knows what is best.

Why does SSSIO say it follows Swami’s command?

The divine command of Swami was published in the March 2006 edition of the Sanathana Sarathi.