"Charles Penn of Los Angeles is a Captain in the Civil Air Patrol, attached to the U.S. Air Force. This is a voluntary organization formed for the express purpose of rescuing pilots who have had 'forced landings'. During the air search for lost flyers, Penn saw Baba sitting beside him, and knew that he was directed by Baba. "Penn! You need not look out! I shall look for you" were the words he heard, words which convinced him that he is but an instrument in His Hands. "This gave me a feeling of fearlessness in the hailstorm across the mountain peaks", he says. "Petrol splashed across the wind screen but I saw Him beside me and so, calm and collected I brought my plane down and, after hurried repair, went again."

Sathyam Sivam Sundaram II, by Professor N. Kasturi

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I Have Come for the Whole World


Be Steady in Your Sadhana


Topics: You are the Substance—not the shadow, I Have Come for the Whole World, Be Steady in Your Sadhana.