After long searches, here and there, in temples and in churches, in earths and in heavens, at last you come back. Completing the circle from where you started, to your own soul, and find that He, for whom you have been seeking all over the world, for whom you have been weeping and praying in churches and temples, on whom you were looking as the mystery of all mysteries, shrouded in the clouds, in nearest of the near, is your own self, the reality of your life, body and soul. That is your own nature. Assert it, manifest it.

It is Truth and Truth alone, that is one’s real friend and relative. Abide by Truth. Tread the path of righteousness and not a hair of your body will ever be injured.

Meditation is nothing else but rising above desires. Renunciation is the power of battling against evil forces and holding the mind in check.

With Love and Blessings
Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Q: How would you describe your journey of circling back to where you started to realize your own original God-nature?

Q: How do you get unstuck from moments of believing that the source of happiness and fulfillment lies outside yourself?