Saturday, September 30, 2023
When the heart is kept pure, all our thoughts, words, and actions become sweet. When the heart is dedicated to the right purposes, all our actions become righteous, and our life gets redeemed.
Friday, September 29, 2023
Recognize that the divinity that is present in everyone is the same. This was the truth proclaimed by Vedanta. Scientists are now coming to the same view through a different approach. The ancient sages proclaimed the omnipresence of God, many millennia ago.
Thursday, September 28, 2023
People should understand the distinction between worldly love and spiritual love. Worldly love is based on the desire to receive. Divine love yearns to give. God’s love goes on giving. This is the true mark of divinity. It is a sign of purity.
Wednesday, September 27, 2023
There is divinity in humanity. Understand this. Today every field of human activity is polluted. Once people purify their heart, they will find purity everywhere. The world outside is just a reflection of your heart. If you fill your heart with love, you will experience love everywhere. If there is hatred in your heart, the same is reflected outside. Whatever you see, hear, and experience outside is only the reflection, reaction, and resound of your inner being.
Tuesday, September 26, 2023
Adi Sankara said that one should not forget God and should discard temporal things. Temporal things give only temporary satisfaction, but divine feelings, thoughts, and deeds lead to eternal bliss.
Monday, September 25, 2023
People today are neglecting the principles of truth, righteousness, and sacrifice. They must adhere to these principles, not for the sake of society, but for their own redemption. If you expect to be respected by all, you must develop self-respect, which is the basis of human life. One who lacks self-respect cannot command respect from others.
Sunday, September 24, 2023
The thoughts that emanate from the indwelling spirit (conscience) should find expression in speech. If the feelings are different from what is spoken, can the words be treated as truth or untruth? Clearly, it is untruth. When one’s action is not in accordance with his words, it is adharma (unrighteous action). Truth and right action are expressions of the promptings from the depths of one’s conscience.
Saturday, September 23, 2023
There is no greater spiritual path than the path of love. It is through love that such noble qualities as kindness, compassion and sympathy are fostered. Embodiments of Love! You are carrying out a variety of spiritual exercises (sadhanas). God does not seek your sadhanas. Nor does He seek your devotion. He seeks only your love.
Friday, September 22, 2023
The harmony between thoughts, words, and deeds is the first step in spiritual growth. The generation, expression and efflorescence of humanitarianism depends on the proper integration of thought, speech, and action. It is the greatest virtue. Lack of correlation between ideas, utterances and actions leads to self-deception, hypocrisy, and spiritual bankruptcy. In other words, the rapport between mental and physical activities is an essential ingredient of spiritual training.
Thursday, September 21, 2023
There is no power greater than that of love. You can attain peace by cultivating love. Peace is your birthright. External peace is temporary. One should try to attain inner peace, which alone is pure, unsullied, eternal, and immortal. For this, it is necessary that one should make proper use of time. It is therefore one’s foremost duty to utilize time in a sacred manner.
Wednesday, September 20, 2023
Each and every moment should be spent in the contemplation of God. You may think, “If every moment is spent in the contemplation of God, then how is it possible to do our work?” Do not distinguish between your work and God’s work. Your work is God’s work as God and you are one.
Tuesday, September 19, 2023
Forbearance and forgiveness are the qualities that should be fostered by all individuals. You must be able to forgive even your enemies. This day (Ganesh Chaturthi festival day) is consecrated to Ganapathi and teaches you forgiveness and love, so that you may realize divinity and enjoy bliss.
Monday, September 18, 2023
God is the embodiment of love and is completely selfless. Those who follow God should be selfless too. When your heart is filled with divine love, you would be able to pursue oneness in the whole creation. When this unity pervades our heart, there would be no scope for hatred toward others. Eternal love will get established in our heart with the experience of unity of all existence. Therefore, those who follow the divine and inculcate divine love are truly fortunate.
Sunday, September 17, 2023
If you only observe discipline and purify the consciousness, you can see God installed in your heart. There is sugar in the cup, but the water is insipid, for you have not stirred it well. There is God in the world, and by stirring the divine properly into every drop or atom thereof, you can make the world a sweet place. Intelligence is the spoon, spiritual practice (sadhana) is the process of stirring.
Saturday, September 16, 2023
It is not enough to read the lives of Avatars and messiahs. Their teachings should be put into practice as much as possible. People must gradually outgrow their material attachments and develop divine love.
Friday, September 15, 2023
People waste their time as they consider the body as permanent and ignore the indweller. Time is the most precious gift of God, but people do not realize the value of time. They waste three-fourths of time in vain pursuits. How can such people redeem their lives? To sanctify the body, one must make proper use of time.
Thursday, September 14, 2023
Love is God. God is love. Live in love. Only then can you realize the principle of oneness and attain fulfilment in life… Develop the feeling of oneness that I and you are one. Never think that I and you are different. That is the sign of true devotion.
Wednesday, September 13, 2023
Don’t bother about the past. Concentrate on the present. From now on, all of you should tread a sublime path. Don’t give room for jealousy, hatred, or ill-feeling. Follow the role “Help ever, Hurt never.”
Tuesday, September 12, 2023
Just as the iron ball cast in fire becomes one with it, your mind should become one with God. Water cannot be separated from milk, likewise, your mind should get merged with God. You should not think that you are separate from God. One who realizes this principle of unity is a true human being.
Monday, September 11, 2023
In the world today we see disorder, violence, and conflict. The world is like a sick person afflicted with many ailments. What is the cure for these ills? Humanity must shed its selfishness, greed, and other bad qualities and rise above its animal nature. People must cultivate charity (unselfishness) to achieve purity. Through purity of heart, humanity will achieve unity, which will lead to divinity. The mansion of human life should be built on these four bases.
Sunday, September 10, 2023
God can do anything. God can go anywhere and can change anything. Do not give room for doubts. One who doubts divinity will certainly be doomed. Develop unwavering faith and follow the divine command. True dharma lies in following the divine command. When you follow God, you will be blessed with all goodness and auspiciousness.
Saturday, September 9, 2023
What is the purpose of human life? Is it only to eat, sleep and indulge in pleasures like birds and beasts? No. Mankind is born to set an ideal to the rest of the world. One should work for one’s own emancipation, says the Gita. Humans should redeem their lives and also help fellow human beings to work for their redemption.
Friday, September 8, 2023
You should not think that you are separate from God. One who realizes this principle of unity is a true human being. Do not limit the worship of God to festival days alone. Every moment should be spent in the contemplation of God.
Thursday, September 7, 2023
There are many among you who are engaged in sadhana. What is the basic purpose of Sadhana? Each exercise of the sadhaka (spiritual aspirant) is a stream that moves on to the sea of grace. Believe that the love that prompts you to serve and sympathize is a spark of the love of God.
Wednesday, September 6, 2023
Krishna was the embodiment of love. Hence, love is the virtue He appreciates most. Love has to turn into concrete acts of compassion. Cultivate compassion and develop sympathetic understanding, until you reach the goal of merging in the embodiment of love, Krishna.
Tuesday, September 5, 2023
We must think of God every moment of our lives. It is in that spirit that everyone is enjoined to offer all actions as designed to please the divine.
Monday, September 4, 2023
The fruits of the tree of human life are sweet, but they are encased in the bitter skin of egoism and ignorance and have hard inedible seeds of desire, anger, pride, etc. One must exercise one's intelligence to peel off the outer skin of ignorance, throw off the seeds of vice and wickedness, and partake of the sweet kernel of life.
Sunday, September 3, 2023
Recognize the intimate relationship between the individual and God. The individual is a limb of society. Society is a limb of nature, and nature is a limb of God. God is the basis of the principle of unity. All organs should work in unity.
Saturday, September 2, 2023
I have come to light the lamp of love in your hearts, to see that it shines day by day with added luster. I have not come to speak on behalf of any particular faith or religion. I have not come on any mission of publicity for any sect, or creed or cause; nor have I come to collect followers for any doctrine. I have no plan to attract disciples or devotees into My fold or any fold. I have come to tell you of this universal unitary faith, this Atmic principle, this path of love, this dharma of love, this duty of love, this obligation to love.
Friday, September 1, 2023
Do not allow your mind to vacillate between good and bad, unity and multiplicity. Focus on all that is good and realize the principle of unity. That is the royal road that will lead you to the experience of truth.