What is “Serve The Planet”?

“Serve The Planet” (STP) is a youth led initiative that was launched in October 2013 as a global public outreach service project of the Sathya Sai International Organisation (SSIO).


The aim of STP is to organise a worldwide service project on a single day in which SSIO members, in partnership with local communities, can participate in a common service project under a singular theme. It is a beautiful tool to translate the universal message of 'Love in Action' into practice. The energy and impact of people all around the world engaging in service activities focused on a common theme, on the same day, will create a greater sense of global unity, harmony and love.

Selected Date

The selected date for STP is the 20th of October. It was on this day in 1940 that our dearest Sathya Sai, founder of this spiritual organisation, declared His divine mission to help re-establish the practice of Human Values in the world.

Selected Theme

The theme for STP changes every year, yet the underlying current of all service activities under this global initiative is Human Values. The theme for 2016 is “Love for Animals”. As Sathya Sai beautifully shows us by His own example, Divine Love embraces everything and every being; it is always inclusive and expansive. Four major initiatives for this year are:

1. Service Activities at Animal Shelters & Sanctuaries: Volunteering at these facilities to feed the animals, clean their surroundings, etc. 

2. Walk for Values / Distribution of HV Quotations: Organising “Walks for Values” and/or distributing Human Values quotations from great personalities (on this year’s theme) to people in public places, with the aim of sensitising our local communities against animal cruelty and promoting greater awareness on this topic.

3. EHV Classes & Creative Workshops for Children: For children in the local community and at schools, provide lessons on the different values that animals teach us and on the importance of having kindness and compassion for all living creatures. (This activity should be directly coordinated with and supervised by the ISSEs.)  

4. Public Talks to Promote Greater Self-Awareness: Promoting awareness on the importance of vegetarian food as part of a non-violent way of life and respect to animals. Creating greater awareness in selecting cruelty-free household products, cosmetics, and other products for use.

“Serve The Planet” is an important tool to strengthen the feeling of unity within the SSIO as well as creating an echo in our local communities.  This will further help to spread the universal message of Love, by committing to help the society we live in.

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