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2010 Walk for Human Values
2010 Walks for Human Values

The information on 2009 Walks for Values will be updated with information about 2010 as it becomes available.

Walks for values in 2010 are taking place in 6 Australian Cities, New Zealand, 9 Canadian Cities, and 4 American Cities. The Walks may differ in their content, but the goal is same: to highlight the values we should be living by —truth, right conduct, peace, love, nonviolence, and other subvalues of these major five Human Values. These Walks generally involve other community groups and have presentations at the beginning and end of the Walks. T-shirts may be sold, and along the way there may be booths with arts and crafts dealing with human values, displays of human values, refreshments, and so on. No money is solicited! Instead, people are asked to pledge to try to live up to one or more of the human values in their lives.

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love pictureWalk for Values in Canada:
Walk for values are as follows.










brisbaneWalk for Values in Australia:

Walks were held in on 28-29 March 2009 in cities:

Most started with sort speeches and presentations —perphaps the National Anthem—
and ended in a second place with further talks.

Walk for Values Hong Kong: /

The first Walk for Values in Hong Kong took place on 20 December 2009, on Victoria Peak -- the Peak Trail goes from Lugard Road to Harlech Road. This Walk for Values gave people opportunities to focus and think about Human Value. Each registered person pledged to practice a human value. The walk was a festive and fun event for children and adults alike.

new zealand walkWalk for Values in Malaysia

The first Walk For Values in Asia was held in Malaysia on10 May 2009. Read about it
and see some videos of it on the website given above. Here is a page from the onlne "The Star" citizen's blog.





new zealand walkWalk for Values in New Zealand

This Walk for Values took place on 21 March.
This page tells the story of the Walk in New Zealand, with lots of pictures, taken from H2H.
Here is a short article from the New Zealand Herald.




hoston proclamationWalk for Values in the United States

Right click to to download a short movie on Walk for Values and its Meaning

Phoenix, Arizona will join in the efforts to promote and practice human values on Saturday, 27 February 2010, 9 am at Wesley Bolin Plaza (Capitol building area).
Letter of invitation  Flyer   Brochure   Register here

Houston, TX. 2 May. Houston Mayor declares 2 May Walk for Values Day.
This page tells the story of the Walk in Houston, with lots of pictures. Here is
and article from the Houston Style Magazine and a pdf of the Houston's mayor's page.
Click for pdf of proclamation

Dallas, TX. 9 May. Plano Mayor declares 9 May Walk for Values Day.
This page tells the story of the Walk in Plano (Dallas), with lots of pictures.
Click for pdf of proclamation.

Austin, TX. Details coming soon

New York, NY. 21 June, Battery Park. 500 people participated, each pledging to practice a value of their choice. The opening ceremonies include reading the letter from Mayor Bloomberg and a talk by Grand Marshall Phil Gosselin. Danny Garcia, a 64-year-old who has been walking for peace since 1966, covering some 25,000 miles, flew from Virginia and helped lead the Walk. After the walk, the Renaissance EMS band played (Renissance EMS is an after-school program teaching music and sports), and a plaque was presented to its leader, Mr. Harris, for his contributions to the community. The word one heard afterwardabout the Walk was: inspiring.
Letter from Mayor Bloomberg.

Seattle, WA. 28 June, Volunteer Park


History of Walk for Values

The Walk for Values was first conducted in 2002 by the Sathya Sai School in Toronto. Since then the walk has spread to many other cities throughout Canada with citizens walking for values, cities declaring ‘Human Values Day’ and mention of the Walk in the Canadian government legislature. It's a grass-roots affair; devotees see the value in it and then organize a Walk in their own cities. They get the local citizens and government involved. Last year, in Toronto, 4,000 people took part! This event is growing and growing and is making people of aware of the need to live by human values such as love, truth, peace, righteousness, and nonviolence

The Significance of the Walk For Values Logo

walk logoEvery step counts!
This logo is rich in symbolism.

• The five toes represent the five universal values of truth, right conduct, peace, love, and nonvoiolence, which are in essence values without borders, transcending barriers of caste, class, country, and creed and offering, when they are practiced, the sweet promise of individual and social renewal.

• Shaped as a heart, the sole of the foot symbolizes love, the undercurrent of all human values and the core of our being.

• The heel of the walker's foot, drawn as a tear-drop, symbolizes the compassion that moves every human heart to serve and reach out to fellow beings and nature.

• In its totality, the Walk for Values symbol has come to represent the long overdue march of the human race toward individual, social, environmental, and global reformation, starting with one human heart at a time!

The logo represents the participants' commitment to 'Walk the Talk'.