Every year on 6th May we, the devotees of Sathya Sai Baba, honour Mother Easwaramma. Around the world this day is celebrated as Easwaramma Day―a day when children honour their mother, inspired by the life and attributes of the Chosen Mother.

In the Divine Discourse on May 6, 2003, Swami said:

“Not only in day to day life, but also in the field of spirituality mothers and women are given the highest regard.”

“It is the foremost duty of children to fulfil the wishes of their mother and make her happy.”

His relationship with the Chosen Mother was one of the most important messages that Swami gave to the world.

After Swami declared His mission to the world at the tender age of 14, His mother remained an important part of that mission Through Easwaramma, Swami taught us mothers the Divine qualities of sacrifice, compassion, patience, devotion, forgiveness, forbearance and most important to me―confidence.

Easwaramma was illiterate and had never left her tiny village, but Swami took her on His travels around India. Beautiful stories are told of her childlike simplicity and innocence  the first time she saw the ocean.

She had developed the confidence to become the Divine Mother to all the women with whom she came into contact in the ashram. With Swami’s encouragement she began interacting with devotees, taking care of them, listening to their hardships. With her profound wisdom, she used  to  help others.

In the small village of Puttaparthi, Swami made societal changes to uplift the status of women, unheard of at that time. During the ninth day of the festival of Dassara, women in the ashram were allowed to chant the sacred “OM.” Easwaramma told Swami how happy she was with His blessings to women of all castes and races. When Mother Easwaramma became widowed Swami still allowed her to take part in every prayer and yagna in the ashram–again, God showing society not to ostracise and isolate widowed women.

Mother Easwaramma was the person who impressed upon Swami to remain in Puttaparthi and being the dutiful son, He listened!

Swami said in His discourse:

“Mother Easwaramma came to me in tears―‘Swami, people want to take you here and there for their selfish purposes. If you leave Puttaparthi I will give up my life. Promise me that you will remain in Puttaparthi forever.’ I gave her my word that I will never leave Puttaparthi. This is why I have constructed many buildings in the ashram for the comfort and convenience of devotees.”

SSS 35.17: 20 October 2002, http://www.sssbpt.info/ssspeaks/volume35/sss35-17.pdf

Divine  Mother Easwaramma had pure love and compassion for  the poor villagers of Puttaparthi. She prayed to Swami who granted her three wishes to providea school, hospital and clean drinking water for the local villagers.

I have not seen the physical form of our beloved Swami or Mother Easwaramma. But Swami’s relationship with His mother has been the beacon of light in my spiritual journey within. Through the teachings of Swami I have been inspired in my relationship with my own daughters and have become involved as a Sai Spiritual Education (SSE) teacher, from which I have derived much joy. As regional SSE coordinator for Queensland I share in the activities with the children on Easwaramma Day, when we connect with the love of Mother Easwaramma for all children and the devotion of Swami to His mother.

Dr Vasantha Naicker​

Photo gallery of SSE children, Easwaramma Day 2018 in Queensland, Australia​  (click to enlarge)