Did SSSIO communicate with SSSCT after 20 Nov 2020?

Dr. Anupom Ganguli and Mr. Leonardo Gutter give a detailed account of the interactions of the SSSIO and SSSCT from Nov 2020 to the present as they were present.  There were many surprise announcements by the SSSCT which directly contradicted the verbal agreements made to SSSIO by the SSSCT. There were many verbal and written communications with the SSSCT since the SSSIO received the unexpected notification that the Global Council will be started.  Dr. Reddy responded immediately to Mr. Naganand’s email on November 16, 2020, stating that this step initiated by the SSSCT will change the structure and function of the SSSIO and they should pause, meet personally and have a thoughtful deliberation before the SSSIO or SSSCT do anything with regards to the GC.  Dr. Reddy did not get a response back to his suggestion. Then to the surprise to Dr. Reddy and all the SSSIO, on Swami’s birthday, Nov 23, 2020, the SSSCT unilaterally announced that the GC will begin in 2021 and the SSSIO will be part of the GC.