Featured Speakers

With Swami’s blessings, the 2019 International Summer Conference will enjoy talks, workshops and experience-sharing sessions from a unique line-up of most senior Sai devotees, students and eminent speakers, who will assemble in Prasanthi Nilayam for this auspicious occasion. We will also enjoy the music and cultural presentations from various artists.

Topics for Talks, Workshops and Experience Sharing Sessions

  • Applying Vedic Ideals and Ancient Western Wisdom in Day-to-Day Spirituality
  • Aumkar - The Transformative Universal Vibration
  • Conquering the 6 Enemies
  • Divine Melodies: Signing the Glories
  • Experiencing Oneness with the Sai Within
  • Follow My Command, Reach the Goal
  • Gayathri Manthra: The Divine Formula Leading to Our True Self
  • Inside-Out - Connecting to the Divine Within
  • Living the Human Values with Every Breath - the Highest Sadhana
  • Living with God is True Education
  • Living within the Lord
  • Manifesting Shakthi
  • Pathways Back to Divinity: Devotion - Action - Knowledge
  • Rediscovering the Divinity Within
  • Sai Our Lord: Nothing Beyond Him
  • Self-Illumination through Family Transformation and Spiritual Parenting
  • Spirituality - A Joyful Journey
  • The Road to Divinity Starts with the 5Ds
  • Who left the tap running? Understanding how caring for nature can support your journey of self-transformation

Wednesday, July 17, 2019 through Sunday, July 21, 2019

07:00 AM
Group Sadhana
08:00 AM
Darshan and Bhajans (Special Group Seating)
10:10 AM
Group Sadhana / Prayers
10:20 AM
Morning Speakers (Two per Day)
11:55 AM
Q and A w Speakers
12:15 PM
Lunch / Break
1:45 PM
Workshops, Service Activities, Site Visits Around PN
3:30 PM
Group Summary / End of Day Introspection
04:00 PM
Darshan and Bhajans (Special Group Seating)
06:00 PM
Dinner / Break
07:15 PM
Experience Sharing and Music Programmes
08:45 PM
Group Sadhana, End of Day Prayers
09:00 PM