The Kali Yuga (the present era) began 3102 years before the advent of Christ.  Since this was the beginning of the new Yuga (era), it was called Ugadi which means beginning of a new era. This particular day, Ugadi, is also the day on which Lord Krishna gave up His mortal body. This day is celebrated with fervor in south India, especially in Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.  On this auspicious day let us remember the words of Sathya Sai Baba. 

There is no need to wait for a new year to bring new tidings. Every moment is new. Many are wondering what troubles and losses the new year will bring. But the year is not responsible for all our troubles and difficulties. Only our conduct is responsible. If our actions are good, the results will be good. Bad actions lead to bad consequences. People think that good and bad are related to bad time. Not at all. Their thoughts are the cause. Hence, they should develop good thoughts and do good deeds. They should cherish good feelings and associate with good people. People should realize the preciousness of Time. Most of the time available is wasted by people. This is utterly wrong. Time should be used always for right purposes. That is the foremost duty of every man. Waste of time is waste of life. The Lord of Time protects those who take refuge in Him, even against the Lord of Death, Kaala. Time takes its revenge on those who misuse it. A nation's prosperity is dependent on how people use their time in the performance of good actions.

Sathya Sai Speaks Vol. 30, April 7, 1997

We will achieve victory in every walk of life when we foster good thoughts and good deeds. Today is the first day of the New year. From today onward, all devotees must undertake his holy task. Past is passed. Do not think of the future, because it is not in our hands. What is the guarantee that we wil live until tomorrow? Therefore, this present time is very important. Make good use of it. Do not go against your inner self. That is what I tell my children, the students here, "Follow the master." Who is your master? Your inner self is your master. So there is no need for anyone else; follow your own inner self. That is your God. That is your happiness. That is your wealth. That is your peace. That is your everything. Happiness and peace are not outside.

Sathya Sai Baba, March 20, 1996

You may be speculating about the events that are going to take place in the forthcoming New Year (Ugadi). You think that the New Year would bring you happiness or sorrow. The year may be new, but what does it matter if you do not give up your old and mean habits? You aspire for good results, but are you performing good deeds? You expect others to be good toward you, but are you good toward them? If you act against the dictates of your conscience, how can you expect to be happy? Your deeds should be in accordance with your aspirations. Good deeds will certainly yield good results. Today people are immersed in adambara (pomposity). How can such people attain ananda (bliss)? 

Sathya Sai Speaks Vol. 36 Ch. 5, March 16, 2003