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Sathya Sai Baba
Discourses in 2004


25 December. (Christmas) Love and sincere prayers bring success in your life.   html   pdf

23 November. (Birthday Celebration) Dedicate your life to serve society.   html   pdf

25 October. (Vijaya dasami) Your Reality is in your own Self, not elsewhere.   html   pdf

22 October. (Dasara) Uphold the diginity and honour of Bharat Matha (Mother India).   html   pdf

21 October. (Dasara) Cultivate good habits to command respect in society.   html   pdf

20 October. (Dasara) Who are you? I am I.   html   pdf

19 October. (Dasara) Obey the divine command with total faith.   html   pdf

17 October. (Dasara) Have faith in God, the only true friend.   html   pdf

18 September. (Ganesh Chaturthi) Obtain divine grace by obeying your parents.   html   pdf

15 September. Live in Love.   html   pdf

06 September. (Krishna Janmashtami) God protects those who protect sathya and dharma.   html   pdf

06 September. (Krishna Janmashtami) The Lord accepts only a Pure Heart.   html   pdf

28 August. (Onam) Divine Love alone can save us from sorrows.   html   pdf

23 August. Do constant namasmarana for mental peace.   html   pdf

21 August. My students are My wealth.   html   pdf

02July. (Guru Purnima) The form of God is love.   html   pdf

06 May. (Easwaramma Day) Discourse.   html   pdf

11 April. (Kerla Youth Conference) Uphold truth under all circumstances.   html   pdf

30 March. (Sri Rama Navami) Manifestation of the Vedas in human form.   html   pdf

21 March. (Ugadi) Recognise the fundamental principles of Oneness.   html   pdf

19 February. Sivarathr) Concentration of mind on the Divine is real sadhana.   html   pdf

18 February. (Sivarathr) evening discourse.   html   pdf

14 January. (Sankranti) Character is the goal of education.   html   pdf

12 January. (Sankranti) Respect for parents -- the greatest virtue.   html   pdf

01 January. (New Years) Service to man is service to God.   html   pdf