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Date: 15 Sep 2004 Occasion: Place: Prasanthi Nilayam

Live In Love
Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Several noble souls have worshipped God in different ways —some by doing penance, some by charity, some even by sacrificing their lives. Some others dedicated their lives for teaching and propagating the sacred scriptures by touring the entire world. Nevertheless, they could not win God's grace and love. Why? Samsara sagaroththara sajjana sevanam vina (one cannot cross the formidable ocean of Samsara, except by serving the noble souls). It is only by serving noble souls and great men that one can attain the power of penance. No sadhana (spiritual exercise) other than selfless service will enable one to attain Divinity.

The punya (merit) of our students is indeed great. They have been able to have the darshan, sparshan, and sambashan of several noble souls and obtain their grace. In fact, several people in Bharat (India) sanctified their lives by such darshan, sparshan, and sambashan.

(Referring to Sant Asaram Bapu, Swami said) He has taken a lot of trouble to come over here, all the way from Gujarat, to address our students. It is their good fortune. He has a kind and loving heart. His teachings are very essential for our students. In an age when faith and devotion have eroded and atheism has become the order of the day due to the effect of Kali (the age we are in), such teachings are very much necessary, especially for the students to keep them on the right track.

Dear Students!

You cannot get fulfilment in life by merely having darshan or sparshan or sambashan of noble souls. You will attain peace and tranquility only when you have all the three. In order to sanctify human life, the navavidha bhakti (nine forms of devotion) are very essential. They are sravanam (listening), kirtanam (singing), Vishnusmaranam (contemplating on Vishnu), Padasevanam (serving His Lotus Feet), vandanam (salutation), archanam (worship), dasyam (servitude), sneham (friendship) and Atmanivedanam (self-surrender). Man can sanctify his life by sravanam, mananam, and nidhidhyasanam (listening, recapitulation, and contemplation). Today's children are very intelligent. But only when they put their intelligence to proper use can they make their lives sanctified. And, spirituality is the only path that can make one's life sanctified! Today's students are, however, putting their intelligence to wrong use and are wasting their time engaging themselves in vain argumentation. God's grace can be obtained only through love and by no other means. It is the only raja marga (royal path). Students should develop the faith that their lives will be sanctified by treading that royal path.

Dear Students!

Education is not mere reading of books. By reading books, we can acquire only bookish knowledge. Whatever knowledge has been acquired must be put into practice. If you want to earn God's grace, love is the royal path. Man has been able to acquire several powers by love. It is by love alone that one can win the minds of others. He can even gain control over nature. Spiritual sadhana can also become fruitful by love alone. The mind can never be controlled by bad qualities, bad thoughts, and bad company.

Human nature can be sanctified only by divine and selfless love. The only property and power that will never diminish in every human being is love. You may share it with any number of people, yet it does not diminish but will continue to grow. The reference in this context is not to worldly love but to transcendental love. We must love God in the same way as we love our own father and mother. It should be so natural and spontaneous. You cannot find a parallel to such love. Therefore, every individual, from the time he gets up from bed till he goes back to bed, must strive to make his life sanctified by love. You must love your fellow human beings, treating them as your friends. By cultivating such universal love, the whole world can be united as a single family. It is not possible by any other means. Therefore, develop such universal love.

Dear Students!

You are struggling a lot to acquire education. By this education, you may perhaps read some textbooks, appear for examinations, pass them, and secure a degree. But all this education is negative in character. You must acquire positive education, which would bring out the latent qualities in you like divine love, peace, compassion, forbearance, etc. You must cultivate those qualities assiduously by constant practice. Several people of the older generation sanctified their lives by fostering such noble qualities. If the human mind is to be transformed, it could be done only by love, nothing else. Mind-mind-mind. You know how it works. It is always changing and very powerful. It cannot be controlled by any power, except love.

Dear Students!

Dedicate your love only to God. There are people in the world who dedicated their love for different purposes, for example, for acquiring education, for acquiring proficiency in various arts, sports, and games, for the sake of certain individuals, etc. Could they attain Divinity? No, No. You must realise the truth that it is only by constant contemplation of God with single-minded devotion that one can attain Divinity. Therefore, dear students! Realise the truth that God cannot be attained by any other science, except the science of love. God gives Himself to love easily. Hence, attain Divinity through love. There is no force greater than love in this world.

Everything in this world is a worry.

To be born is a worry,
to be on the earth is a worry;
world is a cause of worry and death too;
entire childhood is a worry and so is the old age;
life is a worry, failure is a worry;
all actions and difficulties cause worry;
even happiness too is a mysterious worry.
(Telugu poem)

If you are able to win the grace of God, all your worries will be removed. You may pursue worldly education; nothing wrong in that. But you must be prepared to sacrifice your life, even, for attaining Divine love, which is permanent, changeless, and eternal. Several great and noble souls have traveled throughout the world and strove to uplift the world by their sacred teachings. What would have been the fate of the country of Bharat if such great souls were not born! Every individual shall, therefore, strive to emulate the ideals of such great souls and elders. Whatever they say, must be taken as an authority of the scriptures. You may perhaps think that you are able to speak eloquently in English and therefore feel proud that you know everything. Pride and arrogance are most reprehensible qualities. They land you in abysmal depths. It is only by the quality of love does a human being becomes great.

Dear Students!

Therefore,  cultivate love and strive to attain the grace of God and sanctify your lives by humility, devotion, and faith in God. Love is the sole refuge for a human being, which will take him to God. Several elders have reached their goal only through love. You follow their example. Never lose your wealth of love. Make love your primary objective in your life. Love may appear to be a very simple thing to you. But there is no force greater than love. Love is God, God is Love; therefore, live in Love. That is what you have to learn.

Bhagawan concluded His Divine Discourse by singing the bhajan, "Prema muditha manase kaho".