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Date: 18 Feb 2004 Occasion: Sivarathri Place: Prasanthi Nilayam

Divine Discourse
Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Embodiments of Love!

The glory of the ancient culture of Bharat (India) is beyond description. The glorious traditions of Bharat are a matter of pride not only for its residents but the entire world. However, with the passage of time and on account of the growing influence of the western culture, this great tradition is being forgotten. For example, the names of the years in the Hindu calendar, like Prabhava, Vibhava, Shukla, Pramoduta, and Prajotpatthi, have a profound significance. But people have forgotten these names and follow the western calendar consisting of January, February, etc.

[As Bhagavan was continuing with His discourse, He started showing signs of uneasiness as the emergence of the Atma Lingam was imminent. He sat down and signalled the students to start singing Bhajans. After a few moments, a golden lingam emerged from Bhagavan's mouth, and He held it aloft for everyone to see. Then Bhagavan retired to the interview room for a short while, where two more Lingams emerged. Thereafter, He returned to the dais and resumed His discourse.]

No danger can ever befall this body, whatever may happen. In fact, this body has just been relieved of a great burden. The body was not given proper food and nourishment for the last two months. During the process of Lingodhbhavam (the emergence of the lingam), the body, of course felt some strain. However, I assure you that you need not be worried about it. I have dedicated this body to you. It is your responsibility to take care of this body.

I could see that the students were very much anxious and greatly concerned about my well-being. Only I can understand the feelings of my students. In fact, my students are my life breath. The students are prepared to sacrifice their very life for the sake of Swami. I too am prepared to sacrifice my life for their sake.

Dear children! I will protect you wherever you are. I am utilising all my time for your sake. My only aim is to see that you are always happy. No danger will ever befall this body. Be assured of this. Always remember God, wherever you are. Whatever work you may undertake, consider that as Swami's work. I will always look after your welfare. In fact, even your parents may not be able to understand and appreciate your feelings as well as I do. May you come up in life and attain exalted positions, my dear "bangaru" children!

Whatever has happened has happened, past is past. Suffering for the body is quite common. It just comes and goes like passing clouds. Therefore, from today, abandon all your worries and be happy. I bless you all that you may pass the examinations with flying colours. Why fear when I am here? I am always with you, I do not have any other residence, but for your heart. In fact, your heart is where I dwell.

You may all go now, have your dinner, and come back and join the bhajan singing throughout the night. I will come again during the night.