The theme for the 2021 online Guru Poornima program is “Experiencing Divinity: The Nine Forms of Devotion." The concept is based on the nine forms of devotion that were gifted by Swami to His devotees:

  1. Shravanam – Listening to the glories of the Lord
  2. Kirtanam – Singing His glories
  3. Smaranam – Chanting His name and remembering Him
  4. Padasevanam – Serving His Lotus Feet
  5. Archanam – Worship
  6. Vandanam – Paying obeisance
  7. Dasyam – Service
  8. Sakhyam – Friendship
  9. Atmanivedenam – Total Surrender
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Through this offering at the Divine Lotus Feet of our beloved Guru, for Guru Poornima 2021, we pray that it helps us cultivate an ever-deeper connection with God. As Bhagawan said in his Guru Poornima discourse on 22 July 1994, "the Lord confers full grace on those whose hearts are totally filled with devotion and realize the divine." As we commemorate yet another Guru Poornima celebration let us pray for His grace, because it is only through HIM and HIS grace that we can dispel the darkness of ignorance and attain Self-Realization.



Opening Prayers and Welcome

Divine Discourses

Musical Presentations by Young Adults

Talks by Devotees

Presentations by SSE Children

Dramas by SSE Children

Sharing of Experiences by Devotees on the Nine Types of Devotion.

Video of Service Activities of the SSSIO

Bhajans, Closing Prayers and Arathi

The devotee who sincerely practices any one of these paths can attain Me. I am bound by these nine forms of devotion (bhakti). That is why you have been able to so easily obtain this opportunity of seeing, touching, and speaking with Me, an opportunity that even yogis find too difficult to get. You have realized life’s purpose today.

Prema Vahini, Ch.4