Om Sri Sai Ram.

It has come to our attention that many people are fearful and anxious about a new disease called Coronavirus which originated in China. Sathya Sai devotees may be concerned about their health and are apprehensive.

Regarding this illness, we are providing the latest scientific information from reliable sources on the SSIO website.

The references available on our website may answer many common questions and allay fears about this. All people should take proper precautions as recommended for cold/flu prevention, especially while traveling, including frequent hand washing.

Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba has said that sincere prayer is one of the most effective ways to assuage grief and suffering. Let us intensify our prayers to Swami to shower His divine blessings to contain and eliminate this virus, and cure the afflicted ones. 

Please share this information with those who are concerned about this illness.

Corona Virus References