New Year discourse January 1, 2008

All are One; be alike to everyone

There is no place in this Universe where God is not present.

Education is worldly whereas “educare” is other-worldly.

Peace is in one’s own mind. There is no use searching for peace in the outside world. Similarly, truth and love are also to be found in one’s own bosom only.

The same divine principle (God) is referred to as Brahma (The Generator), Vishnu (the Organiser) and Maheshwara (the Destroyer).

All are one; be alike to everyone. Love all and serve all.

Several changes may occur in this year, at the physical level, but there will be no change at all in the spiritual realm.

Where there is unity, there will be purity. Where there is purity, there Divinity will be.

Adhere to truth under all circumstances. Cultivate love. Truth is love and love is truth. If you are guided by these two like the two eyes, you will always succeed in life.

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