Twenty communities have been adopted by the SSSIO of Sri Lanka. Many community service projects are being undertaken to provide humanitarian needs of the underprivileged in these communities.

Aliwatte – Mattakuliya

Garbage Collection Center, Aliwatte

Aliwatte is a slum area on the outskirts of the Colombo District. There are about 350 families in this village. A medical camp is conducted every month, and lunch is served to all patients. Six toilets have been constructed in this village. There is also regular garbage collection and distribution of dry rations and cooking utensils during the period of heavy rains, especially to those villagers living near the riverbanks.

Poombuhar and Esswaripuram

Mobile Medical Camp - Poombuhar and Esswaripuram

The two villages of Poombuhar and Esswaripuram have a total of 230 families. There is a lack of medical facilities in these two villages, and the inhabitants must travel far to get treatment in hospitals. The medical camp is organized twice a month to cater to the medical needs of the families. SSSIO is also providing electricity supply for needy families in the region and dry rations to families during the drought season. A multipurpose hall has been constructed and donated in the Poombuhar village. Bhajan session is conducted on a weekly basis in the hall.


House Construction - Nehrupuram

In this village, child abuse and domestic violence against women is all too common.  There are close to 45 families. Service activities include medical camps; construction of toilets; construction and renovation of houses; electricity supply; and feeding of the poor. EHV classes are also held for the children. SSSIO Sri Lanka handed over a newly built 12th house to a needy family and laid the foundation to build a new house (13th House) on June 16, 2019.

Vadamunai and Uttuchenai

Flood Relief Activities

The villages of Vadamunai and Uttuchenai are isolated and far from roads and cities.  A total of 250 families live in these two villages. There is no proper means of transport, no hospital or medical clinics.  These villages are disconnected from the world during the rainy seasons and are among those severely affected by war. Various activities are carried out by SSSIO to improve the standard of living of the villages: Support and guidance on agriculture, medical camps, construction of wells, EHV classes for the children, feeding the needy. A library has also been set up for the villages.

Poombuhar (Ariyalai – Jaffna District)

Well Refurbishment - Poombuhar

SSSIO has been serving in the Poombuhar Village since 2012. There are about 185 families who had been displaced due to war. Their main occupation is fishing and agriculture.  The activities carried out by the SSSIO include the refurbishment of wells and houses, water supply (pipes have been laid to connect 35 families so far), feeding the poor. A generator and water pump have also been donated.

Vithiyapuram and Selvapuram

These two villages consist of 185 and 340 families, respectively. These families depend mainly on agriculture, which is seasonal.  Service activities include the construction of wells, toilets and small houses, the donation of seeds and plants, and the construction of a multipurpose hall.  Educational programs include EHV classes and tutoring.



New Water Tank - Inpacholai

This village gets flooded during rainy seasons. The water in this area is salty as the village is situated near the sea.  Alcoholism is a major social problem. Drug abuse afflicts some of the youth.  Medical camps and construction of toilets are the major service activities undertaken in this village. Water tanks have been built and installed for the villagers.

Kannaki, Kiravalkulzhi (Pottuvil), and Sri Vallipuram

Deep Well Project - Sri Vallipuram

Construction of toilets, sewing classes, EHV classes for the children, setting up of pre-primary schools and providing nutritional food on school days are the main activities being carried in these three poor villages consisting of  240 families.  Additionally, SSSIO of Sri Lanka inaugurated a Deep Well Project today on June 16, 2019 at Sri Vallipuram (Eastern Region) assisted by Sri Sathya Sai International Organization UK. 86 families had to walk long distances to obtain water. They used to drink water from contaminated sources. This project will benefit over 400 villagers. Thandiyadi, Kalimadu, and Koralawella.

Backpack Donation - Koralawella

Lunch is provided on a daily basis to 290 students in a University campus and to 30 pre-primary school children in Thandiyadi. School bags and stationery were donated to 125 students in Karalawella village this year. In Kalimadu, EHV classes are conducted for the children of the village.

Karadiyankulam and Mavilangathurai


There are 359 families in these two villages. The SSSIO Sri Lanka helps provide essential equipment for teaching and school uniforms for the children. Value-based awareness programs for parents and EHV classes for children are also conducted.



SSSIO of Sri Lanka opened a new Sathya Sai pre-school in Kanchuramoddai in Nedunkerny division on June 15, 2019. The children received stationery. There was also Narayana Seva (feeding of the poor). Dry rations were provided for the villagers, and tree planting was done during the opening ceremony.

Kathaliyar Samalankulam

SSSIO of Sri Lanka has initiated another Water Purification Project as part of Sathya Sai Village Integrated Project (SSVIP) in Kathaliyar Samalankulam, Oddusuddan to provide safe drinking water for 2500 people residing in the area with a daily output of 2000 litres assisted by Vision of Love, U.K. and 23 Vijayabahu Infantry Regiment, SL Army. The foundation stone for this project was laid on June 15, 2019). This is the 20th village adopted by SSSIO Sri Lanka in line with the Vision 95 program by SSSIO. 


The Moratuwa village consists of poor communities that struggle to meet their day to day needs such as health care, education, etc. A survey was conducted by the Young Adults, and, as a first step, the Sri Sathya Sai Centre in Colombo conducted a medical camp on December 29, 2019. 209 patients benefited from the medical camp at the Moratuwa village. Four doctors, three pharmacists, seven SSE Children and 28 Young adults took part in this service. The Young Adults also distributed books and stationery to 239 children.   This service helped those in need of medical care and brought a sense of fulfillment to those providing the service.



The Western and Southern Region of the Sri Sathya Sai International Organization SriLanka initiated a water purification project in the H7 village in Marungoda, Mahauswewa, Anamaduwa. Due to high calcium content in the drinking water, people from this area were affected by chronic kidney diseases. The work on this project commenced in August 2019. It was completed in March 2020 with the installation of a water purification plant in the Siri Perakum Primary School. This plant can distribute 5,000 litres per day of filtered water to the village. Approximately 250 families benefitted from this project.