Dental Services - Community of Cerro San Francisco

Community of Cerro San Francisco - Lima

Three times a year (February, August and December), an average of 20 people, including members of the SSIO of Peru, doctors and invited persons, meet to serve 80 families (250 people), from four villages on San Francisco hill, in the district of Villa Maria del Triunfo, at the southern outskirts of Lima city.

Services of general medicine, dentistry and psychological counseling are carried out. Medicine, clothing and vegetarian food are delivered, free of cost. The food is prepared by the participants onsite. This service is complemented by workshops on human values ​​for children, which then continue every month. This year, packages of school materials were also delivered.

The visits to Cerro San Francisco began in 1996, and through this continuing service, a relationship of friendship and trust with the people has been strengthened.

Warm Clothing to Cullcuy Children

Community Of Cullcuy - Huánuco

In the month of May, when the rainy season is over and it is possible to travel by road, a group of eight people including SSIO volunteers and others invited by the OISS Peru, travel annually to Cullcuy (elevation 3,800 metres), in Huacaybamba District, Huánuco Department.

The inhabitants of four localities – Cullcuy, Leoncio Prado, Primavera and Rondobamba (80 families / 370 people) – look forward to receiving warm clothes, shoes and food packages that the volunteers have gathered throughout the year, which will help them during the cold season. Most of the sweaters for children and babies are made during two weaving workshops, by SSIO volunteers and others.

Cullcuy has been served by the SSIO since 2012. Although the population speaks mainly the Quechua language and very little Spanish, effective communication is maintained on a heart-to-heart basis.

Notebooks to Pango Students

Community of Pango – La Libertad

SSIO volunteers visit the community of Pango, Otuzco – La Libertad (elevation 3,800 metres), in northern Peru, once a year, offering various supplies and services needed by this community: clothing, shoes, food supplies, notebooks, and so on. These supplies are distributed to approximately 200 students of the Pango School. The Sai Centre of Trujillo developed a sewing workshop during the previous year, making items such as blankets and clothes for the people of Pango. The school director and students thanked the SSIO in a lovely ceremony.