The SSIO Venezuela has adopted two community service projects, which are performed with great love, spreading His message of “Love All, Serve All.”

In Avenida San Martin, in Caracas, SSIO volunteers have carried out a long-standing service to elders at the nursing home, “Asilo la Providencia San Antonio,” every 15 days.  Approximately 12 volunteers gather at the Sai Centre, go to the nursing home and spend an average of three hours a week spending time and caring for the elders. The volunteers also provide the elders with supplies such as soap, toilet supplies, clothing, magazines and cookies, sharing their love with them.

In Caracas, volunteers in the El Recreo Parish and, in Maranda State, the Chacao Parish, provide food for the needy.  The young adults committee is in charge of this service activity, and they offer food to the homeless including oatmeal, spaghetti with tomato sauce, rice, black beans, lentils and cookies.  The Miami (Florida, USA) Sai Centre donates the food, and the young adult committee organises and performs the service.  Approximately 600 food containers are packed and delivered monthly.