Twenty-five years ago, SSSIO Germany initiated a partnership with SSSIO of Ukraine in Kherson, to donate goods and money, enabling local Ukrainian devotees to undertake essential service projects.

In recent years, the situation in the country has become worse, especially after the conflict with Russia. Hence, SSSIO Germany decided to adopt the community of Kherson as part of the 95 Communities Adoption project.

In 2017 and 2018, SSSIO of Germany sent more than 150 boxes of food items, clothing, shoes, blankets, tools, hygienic articles, toys, and school supplies, along with monetary donations. This donation enabled the Kherson SSSIO to support the homeless and the refugees, and provide educational services to children.

In summer 2019, a group of German devotees teamed up with a few Ukraine devotees and international doctors and volunteers to organise a service camp in Belopolye. Some of the projects included:

  1. Renovation of a boarding school
  2. Restoration of a polyclinic kitchen
  3. Medical Camp for more than 950 patients
  4. Summer Camp for 152 children
  5. Service for 60 low-income families

Over the past few years, more than 1000 Kherson people have been recipients of this service.

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