SSSIO Malaysia has adopted ten communities, in which various activities are ongoing.

SSSIO Malaysia has set up a committee with criteria for acceptance of community adoption. The projects should include sustainable service, devotional and educational projects. The current adopted communities include:

  • Desa Mentari, Selangor
  • Kampung Ujung Batu, Butterworth Penang
  • Taman Cenderawasih, Pahang
  • Matang Jaya, Selangor
  • Lukut, Negeri Sembilan
  • Batu, Kaula Lumpur
  • Ladang Sg. Krudda, Sg. Siput, Perak State
  • Bukit Pasir, Muar, Johor State
  • Taman Jati, Kulim, Kedah State
  • Taman Manickavasagam, Ipoh, Perak State

Desa Mentari, Selangor State

Regular devotional activities include weekly bhajans, group Gayathri mantra chanting, temple bhajans, poojas on special occasions, self-transformation programs (12–15 people monthly), well-attended spiritual lectures (100–120 people), public programs for Swami’s Birthday (700 people) and young adult spiritual programs for promoting unity. SSE (Sathya Sai Spiritual Education) students also presented a drama and dance program.

Ongoing, regular service activities include the following: Needy families (26 families) receive food provisions with many varieties of food on a monthly basis. Twice weekly cooked meals are served to 150 needy people. Classes teaching single mothers to stitch clothing are provided multiple times a week to help them gain independence and earn a living. Other programs include temple cleaning, blood donations, animal care at the animal shelter, and providing nearly 300 needy school children with uniforms, shoes and school supplies.

On the educational front, ongoing tuition (tutoring) five days a week has helped many needy children (60), who have improved their studying skills and exam scores. At an SSE Sankranthi (Ponggal) Celebration, 60 children enjoyed many educational and fun activities. At an Educare Carnival, 30 children performed a drama based on “Siti Hagar,” the Noble Mother of Ishmael (Abraham’s first born) and her sacrifice for her beloved son. More than 1,000 members of the public enjoyed the festivities.

Kampung Ujung Batu, Butterworth Penang State

Regular devotional activities include weekly bhajans, an EHV program and spiritual talks. Every few months, meditation and motivation classes are held, which include young adults and Gayathri chanting.

Other activities include the following. Ongoing tuition (tutoring) classes are held weekly with a focus on early high school and improving English speaking skills. Additional projects include EHV students participating in temple cleaning, food distribution to the needy and back to school service for needy children (school supplies, clothing, shoes). A quarterly health program educates the community on preventive measures, including proper hygiene.

Taman Cenderawasih, Pahang State

Devotional activities include weekly bhajans, weekly Gayathri mantra chanting and monthly temple bhajans. Service activities include weekly tuition (tutoring), temple cleaning and other temple service. Educational activities include weekly SSEHV classes and teen youth classes. Students also perform dramas for various festival celebrations.

Matang Jaya, Selangor State

Matang Jaya is a housing project comprising about 400 houses, 50 kilometres from Kuala Lumpur. These low-cost houses were mainly built for low income, needy families. Several Sathya Sai Centres (Cheras, Brickfields, Batu Caves and Sentul) participate with an emphasis on helping the school children and needy families. An acquired two-story home serves as a hub for various activities serving this adopted community.

Devotional activities include EHV classes, emphasising the importance of spirituality and bhajan classes. Monthly classes on teaching children their own religion are held. Major religious festivals (Sankranthi/Pongal, Deepavali and Christmas) and Chinese New Year are celebrated. Children are taught to respect their parents on Father’s and Mother’s Days. Bhajans and Gayathri mantra chanting are also conducted periodically in the homes of the people in the adopted community, with family participation.

Service activities include a free medical clinic every Sunday, a monthly recycling project, an annual tree planting and an annual visit with provision of food and soft toys to children in a local hospital. There is also a regular food service and a Light Meditation program, along with an annual food delivery activity for prisoners in the local prison.

Educational programs include weekly EHV classes, every other week tutoring, monthly classes on Hinduism and unique field trips every six months. For examples, students were taken to visit the Forest Research Institute and to KidZania, an experiential children’s learning and fun centre. 

Other NGOs have recognized the service provided by SSSIO in this community project and volunteered to support and contribute towards the sustenance of the project, including:

JCI – Junior Chambers of International (M), an international organization, which provided the setting up of a library and computer lab in the house for the children.

TAR University College donated funds towards the children’s activities in outings such as to the  Forest Research Institute’s Enjoy Nature Programme, and donated dictionaries for the library.

Metta Foundation, a Buddhist organization, has undertaken yearly sponsoring of school uniforms and school bags to all students.

Lukut, Negeri Sembilan State

The Sri Sathya Sai Organization of Negeri Sembilan established a Surau (Muslim Prayer House) near the adopted community location, where 30 Muslim families can perform their daily prayers. The Muslim community works closely with other communities at the Surau, on joint programmes. 

Devotional activities include regular bhajans in the temple, monthly spiritual talks, Gayathri mantra chanting and temple cleaning. Educational activities include SSE classes twice a month, SSE festival celebrations and coloring contests for the children.

Service activities include back to school provision of school uniforms, bags and shoes to more than 100 children, monthly service of cooked food, providing dry food supplies to 15 needy families and animal care by serving food to stray dogs. The home of a mentally challenged woman living with her daughter was also repaired.

Restored House

Batu Kaula Lumpur

In Batu Muda, SSSIO volunteers provide monthly grocery provision and weekly vegetable distribution to around 130 families. Volunteers plan to add other activities once COVID circumstances improve.

Ladang Sg. Krudda, Sg. Siput, Perak State

In Ladang Sg. Krudda  there are many community activities which would not have been possible if not for the burning desire of the devotees to serve the needy. In addition to the SSEHV classes which are held every Friday in Mahatma Gandhi Kalasalai, from 7.30am till 8.30am (230 students attending), many other deserving social projects have been implemented  and ongoing including Narayana Seva (feeding the needy), free tuition classes, medical aid for aged parents, hospital visits, temple bhajans and blood donation drives. 

We also provide work opportunities for single mothers to help improve their income and also provide accommodation for some of these mothers, many of whom have no place to call a home. Temple cleaning and joint prayers with other NGOs also help to improve community bonding. The ladies’ program was successfully launched and is being carried out on a regular basis. School-going children are provided with free books, uniforms and other items.  Approximately 600 needy people benefit from this Global Community program.

Bukit Pasir, Muar, Johor State

Regular, useful service activities are being conducted including SSEHV classes, free tuition classes and free tailoring classes. To improve their meagre income, the residents prepare delicious delicacies like muruku, cakes and biscuits, pack them and sell them to interested vendors. They have also ventured into growing vegetables and selling them for self-sustainability. In addition, the devotees are also engaged in creating environmental awareness by carrying out tree planting activities. Full-fledged free medical camps and blood donation drives have also been carried out successfully. Roughly 350 people benefit from this Global Community program.

Taman Jati, Kulim, Kedah State

This Global Community site is newly established to improve the integration of the multi racial residents in this area. Several activities including medical camp, Community Sports Day, SSEHV Classes, free tuition classes, free dry rations and many more have been organized and implemented. It is our hope that through these community activities, we can help to eradicate the Mat Rempit (illegal motorcycle gangs). Approximately 400 people benefit from this program.

Taman Manickavasagam, Ipoh, Perak State

In this community, SSEHV Classes are being carried out on a regular basis. In addition, free tuition classes are also been provided to help the children improve their academics. We also help them to understand their Hindu religion better by bringing them to the temples and conducting community prayers together. Other activities include the recycling program, tree planting programs, and Walk for Values for the community. We also have temple cleaning activities quite regularly and visit the sick in the hospital. 350 people benefit from this program.