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SSIO Nepal has so far a total of 18 projects, including nine continuing prior projects and nine new community adoption projects, as part of the SSIO 95 Global Communities Adoption Programme.

Sustainable support of education, medical, social and devotional service activities for the adopted communities: SSIO Nepal has already constructed eight water projects and three housing projects at the following places. After construction is complete, the SSIO shall continue to support these villages.

Lele – 32 houses and one sadhana bhavan (structure for devotional and service activities)

Khalte – 22 houses and one sadhana bhavan

Satrasaye Phat – water project, six houses and one sadhana bhavan

Baluwa – water project and one sadhana bhavan

Baraha – water project and one sadhana bhavan

Arghakhachi – water project and one sadhana bhavan

Chhatiwan – water project and support to school

Irautar – water project and support to school

Chhinchu – water project, one sadhana bhavan, and support to the community

Construction of Sathya Sai Bagmati Uddyan (Garden), Kathmandu

This project was initiated by the government to protect the banks of holy river Bagamati. The government allocated a 650-metre-long stretch of land along the bank of this river to SSIO Nepal for construction and maintenance of a garden. The garden will also have an interfaith pillar similar to the one in Prasanti Nilayam. SSIO volunteers have been cleaning the land and planting trees as part of a Go Green initiative.

Construction of Building of Sathya Sai School, Pokhara

The Sri Sathya Sai School of Pokhara, established 16 years ago, is housed on leased land. The lease agreement expires in the next four years. herefore, it has become imperative to construct the school and hostel buildings before the expiry of the lease. The required land has been bought and construction is underway. By the 95th year of Sathya Sai Baba’s birth, (2020), at least two hostels, two blocks of the main school campus and a kitchen and dining rooms are planned to be complete.

Establishment of Homes for the Stray Animals

It is a common, unfortunate practice to abandon old animals in the country. SSIO Nepal is running a SSIO home for senior citizens, an orphanage for boys, and a separate orphanage for girls. A Sathya Sai home for stray animals shall also be established where the animals would receive nutritional fodder and medical treatment with utmost care and love.

Construction of Sathya Sai Water Filtration Plant (Sai Jal Mandir)

Every day about 2,000 patients visit the District Government Hospital, Bharatpur, for medical treatment. However, purified drinking water for the visitors is lacking. SSIO Nepal has begun construction of a water filtration plant and garden at the hospital premises to serve all with this most basic need.

Upgrade of Existing Sathya Sai Health Centre, Kathmandu

This health centre was established in 2000 on the occasion of Sathya Sai Baba’s 75th Birthday, with an objective of providing free health service to poor people. Six days a week, 21 medical doctors of different disciplines voluntarily provide medical services to about 15,000 patients a year. The equipment has become obsolete and requires replacement.

Construction of Sri Sathya Sai Community Drinking Water Project, Shyangme

This project would serve 155 households mainly in Chepang, a socially and economically deprived tribal community. These poor people do not have access to clean drinking water. The project would have a holistic approach, providing drinking water, education, spiritual upliftment, hygiene and sanitation. The project is being implemented by the Young Adult wing of the SSIO Nepal.

Homes for the Flood Victims

Continuous torrential rain for several days in August 2017 caused devastating floods in many southern parts of the country. More than 300 people perished and 1,000 houses collapsed. A small hamlet of destitute residents lost everything including their 12 homes. SSIO Nepal has lovingly taken up construction of 12 new houses for them.

Construction of Sathya Sai Community Drinking Water Project, Saigram, Khalte

The SSIO has constructed 22 houses and one sadhana bhavan at this place after the devastating earthquake that ravaged all the houses of the hamlet. Geological deformations below ground due to the earthquake have disrupted the spring water, resulting in a paucity of drinking water. The SSIO will construct a water supply system at this hamlet.

Establishment of Sathya Sai Health Centre at Bharatpur, Chitwan

SSIO Nepal operates four medical clinics. Another medical clinic shall be established at Chitwan. The necessary land has already been acquired.