Secondary Education for North Laikipia Children

North Laikipia in the Rift Valley Province, a  remote area approximately 350 km from Nairobi, has no secondary school for the twenty primary schools in the vicinity.  SSIO Kenya is adopting the following two projects to provide secondary education to these children.

1. Il-Motoik Secondary School

The existing Il-Motiok primary school will initially host the proposed Il-Motiok secondary school. The immediate needs are new toilet blocks as the current toilets are dilapidated.  The Ministry of Education can only approve a secondary school if the sanitary conditions are adequate. Therefore the SSIO Kenya will sponsor the setting up of the toilet blocks, and this project is in the planning phase. 

2. Ewaso Secondary School 

This secondary school with a boarding facility has 90 students.  It is 12 km to 17 km away from the nearest  Il-Motiok primary school.

SSIO Kenya plans to support this school by setting up:
1. A new classroom to host new graduating primary school students.
2. Solar electricity system to help harness solar energy.
3. Water storage facilities.
4. A fence to protect students.

Village Adoption

SSIO Kenya has adopted Gichagi Village in the Ngong division of Kajiado County (Rift Valley Province of Kenya) which has roughly 10,000 people.  Many people are poor and need help. Besides, around 200 older women live in deplorable conditions in this village.

SSIO Kenya has embarked on providing food rations to the needy and older women as a village service activity (gram seva).

Between October 2018 and March 2020, SSIO of Kenya conducted five gram sevas. Each time more than 200 hampers consisting of maize flour, cooking oil, breakfast cereals, and sugar were handed out. During the fifth gram seva in March 2020, 400 masks were also distributed.

The sixth gram seva conducted recently in July 2020, was targeted towards the disabled people of the county.  A screening of the village was done to identify 50 such disabled people. In addition to food hampers and masks, the beneficiaries received wheel chair and crutches.

Community Outreach Programme

SSIO Kenya has initiated a community outreach programme for poor and underprivileged children from nearby villages of Kangemi, Kawagware, and Kibera as part of the Global Adoption of 95 Communities. This community service provides two essential services: feeding the children and providing Sathya Sai Education in Human Values (SSEHV) classes.

Approximately 1000 six to fifteen year-olds meet at the Sathya Sai Centre in Nairobi, Kenya every Sunday, to participate in SSEHV classes conducted by a trained SSEHV Kenyan teacher. This successful, ongoing program initiated in 2014 has gained momentum and brought about a transformation in the character of the children.  

After the SSEHV class, the children are provided a delicious hot meal. On special occasions, clothes, stationary, dental supplies, and footwear are also provided.