Mother Nature - Karina M | USA

Karina M, Group 2, USA recites her poem “Mother Nature,” lovingly asking all of us to conserve.

I walk outside and see the trees,

as they gently sway in the breeze.

I walk outside and see the leaves,

as they gracefully fall, with ease.

I walk outside, and see the flowers,

and am reminded of how nature empowers.

Mother nature protects us.

Mother nature provides.

She gives trees for shade, and oxygen to breathe.

Let’s realize, we need Mother Nature,

and it’s Mother Nature, we need.

As Mother Nature gives, we repay her by taking,

and eventually she can no longer continue making.

We therefore must do our parts, and start to conserve

with more than our hearts, because when we need,

Mother Nature gives. Mother Nature is

the essence of all that lives.