Collection of video presentations where Sai Spiritual Education (SSE) children and Sathya Sai School students share their learning and reflections in unique and creative ways. Stay tuned for more.

Sai Shine Youtube Channel

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Sai Shine Overview

Sai Shine overview video highlights the initial submissions by children from all over the world.

Love All Serve All - A Story Told By Jesus Christ

A student of the Sai Spiritual Education narrates the wonderful story told by Jesus on the Good Samaritan.

Govinda Krishna Jai Sai Symphony

Instrumental bhajans by the SSE children of Region 5, USA as part of Christmas offering to Swami.

Reflections, a piano solo

A piano recital gift to Sai Baba by Vivaan Raj, Group 3, Canada

Soar with the flute in Song of India

Young USA flutist plays Song of India accompanied by piano.

Give me only your love and your grace, that is enough for me

Sarasvati offers Saint Ignacio de Loyola's prayer to Swami, Mexico, Group 2

Happy Birthday, Swami!!

Ashrit plays piano as Swami's 97th birthday offering, Group 2, Canada

a capella by Pre-SSE student

Swami, We Adore You & Two Little Eyes, Pre-SSE, Australia

Time Waste is Life Waste

Raghvi of Phillippines artistically explains what he has learned from Sathya Sai Baba.

A child`s artistic video call to Sai Baba

Riyanshi of Phillippines imagines a video call with Sai Baba.

A violin offering to Swami

Aarav from Canada plays violin in a well-known melody known worldwide.

God is Truth, Speak the Truth

Aaryav tells his most meaningful lesson from Sai Baba.

Mother Nature - Karina M | USA

Karina M, Group 2, USA recites her poem “Mother Nature,” lovingly asking all of us to conserve.

Young boy relies on Lords Name

The power of the Lord's Name helps us overcome bad habits, a delightful personal experience by Ravi M of Brazil.

Rama Krishna Vasudeva bhajan by Sai Nath

Young voice from Sri Lanka singing Rama Krishna Vasudeva bhajan. A delightful presentation by 7 years old SSE student Sai Nath.

Love is Sathya Sai Baba

‘Love is you’ offered by SSE children of Zone 8 for Swami’s 95th Birthday.

Dhimita Dhimita Dhim Sai Symphony

Dhimita Dhimita Dhim Sai Symphony by the SSE children of Region 5, USA as part of Christmas offering.

Vitamin GM - Commercial on Gayatri Mantra

SSE Group 2 children's commercial on Gayatri Mantra to overcome fear and develop self confidence.

Brushing Teeth can be fun with Tabla

Varenya Kappagantu wants to share the lessons he learnt from “Sai Healthy Living” SSE summer camp.