The Power Of Silence.

You Cannot Always Oblige, But You Can Always Speak Obligingly.

Contentment is the state of mind that is unaffected by the achievement or non-achievement of any wish, the happening or non-happening of any event. ❐

Nourish love in your hearts. Love will drive away all bad thoughts. It will promote the spirit of forgiveness. ❐

Being patient; having self-control; having the ability to forgive; showing restraint when provoked. ❐

Know that whatever God has created is for your own welfare. You should enjoy Nature according to your need.

Ten Types of Purity.

Twenty Virtues Essential for Wisdom. ❐

Forget the Harm Done by Others. Forget the Good You Have Done to Others.

Eight Flowers of Worship.

Who is Dear to the Lord.

Purity ꕥ Patience ꕥ Perseverance

① Follow the master.
② Face the devil.
➂ Fight to the end.
➃ Finish the game.

Dedication, Devotion, Discipline, Discrimination, and Determination

Watch your Words.
Watch your Actions.
Watch your Thoughts.
Watch your Character.
Watch your Heart.

One word that sum up the essence of Sri Sathya Sai Baba’s life and teachings. ❐

Selfless service is perhaps the single, most efficient and universal tool for understanding, experiencing and expressing this Divine Principle of Love. ❐

The twin principles of Faith in God and Divine love, which lead us to complete surrender to the Divine.

Unity is Divinity and Purity is Enlightenment.

Our True Nature is Bliss.