InSAIghts is an initiative launched by the Young Adults of the SSIO and is open to all devotees across the globe. This unique, spiritual masterclass aims to share the divine, insightful and practical teachings of Sathya Sai Baba. The online masterclasses will cover a broad range of topics and will be delivered by speakers who have had personal experiences with Sathya Sai Baba.

Speakers, Theme & Timings

Various themes would be discussed and delivered through the online sessions. Sessions are held once a month on the third Saturday at 12pm (UTC). Each session will last approximately 75 minutes, and each theme will be delivered over the course of three months.

The second theme is entitled Bhajans: Treading the Path of Devotion through Music. The speakers for this theme are

  • Brother Muthu Kumar
  • Brother Nikhil Koushik
  • Brother S Kumar
  • Dr. Sunam Gyamtso


The next workshop details are as follows:

Session 2: Bhajans and the Devotion Path

  • 22 February 2020, 12PM BST (UK)
  • Speakers: Brother Nikhil Koushik & Brother S. Kumar
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Please email us at: if you have any questions or require help with registration.


Session 1: Bhava, Raga & Tala - the Ingredients for Bliss, by Brother Muthu Kumar

25 January 2020