The Sathya Sai Education in Human Values program (SSEHV) fosters the emergence of the five human values espoused by Sri Sathya Sai Baba: Truth, Right Conduct, Peace, Love and Nonviolence. These values are inherent in human beings. Through the process of educare, teachers guide students to bring out their innate human values into thought, word and deed.

SSEHV community-based programs for children and adults are provided free by 28 Institutes of Sathya Sai Education around the world. SSEHV programs do not focus on any one spiritual leader or any one religion. Descriptions and locations of SSEHV programs can be found in the SSEHV Global Compendium.

Sri Sathya Sai Baba has spoken frequently about human values. His statements about human values can be found in The Supreme End of Education. Here are two examples:

Of what use is human birth if human values are absent?

From head to foot, man is filled with anger today. He has become like an animal. Even an animal is better than man. An animal has a reason and season. Today man has no reason and no season. If you behave in this manner, how can you call yourself a human? To call yourself a human, first and foremost show humanness in action. Just because you have a human body, you cannot call yourself a human. The human body will have value only when you cultivate human values, namely, sathya (truth), dharma (righteousness), santhi (peace), prema (love) and ahimsa (non-violence). Of what use is human birth if human values are absent? First demonstrate humanness. Develop love. By doing so, all will become your friends. What kind of friends? Those who are full of love. Your real friend is only God. God is love personified. He is full of love.

Sri Sathya Sai Baba, June 01, 2001

When the principles are properly explained, everyone will accept them

We feel that some countries are not amenable to accept these values. What is the reason? When the principles are properly explained, everyone will accept them. Parrot-like repetition of the words “Human Values” will not result in understanding. When the inner significance is explained, everyone will accept them. Tell them—Truth is God, Love is God, live in love. When explained thus, everyone will accept. Will anybody say `no,’ to speak truth? Everyone has to accept the validity of these assertions. When you explain in detail the inner significance, humanity will accept it without reservation. No matter whether it is India, America, Japan or Germany or Christian or Muslim; Truth is only one for all. Truth is one, Truth is God. You should attain this sacred state. This fact has to be accepted by any nation. We in India say 2+2=4. Whether Pakistan or anywhere else, this will be the same. Is there any one in Pakistan who will say 2+2=3? Will the Chinese say 2+2=1? All will say 2+2=4. This is fundamental truth. It is a pure truth. It is beyond time and place. It is in the same way that eternal values of Truth, Peace, Righteousness, Love and Non-violence are permanent and eternal. People come to Me and say, “Swami, I want peace.” Where is that peace? They don’t know. I tell them, “You are the embodiment of peace. There is no peace outside you, outside there are only pieces!” When this is explained, they realize the truth and actually attain peace.

Sri Sathya Sai Baba, September 29, 2000

SSEHV Global Compendium

❍ The Sathya Sai Education in Human Values Global Compendium is a reference on principles and philosophy of the education programs all over the world.

The Essence of World Peace ❐

❍ An essential guide for educators.

The Transformative Power of Sathya Sai Education in Human Values

A conference in Barbados attracts Caribbean government officials and educators.

SSEHV in Mainland China

A triple partnership between local Chinese teacher-training universities, provincial education bureaus, and ISSE Hong Kong.

SSEHV in Haiti

Sathya Sai Education in Human Values programme during humanitarian relief activities following the devastating earthquake in Haiti in 2010.

SSSIO Kenya-Community Adoption Projects: Secondary Education for North Laikipia Children

SSSIO Kenya has adopted three communities as a loving gift to Bhagawan Baba on His 95th Birthday.

Go-Green Webinars and Resources

Webinar by Environmental Sustainability Committee and Young Adults Serve the Planet Subcommittee.

Adoption of 5 Communities, South Africa

Adoption of communities in Frasers, Embo, Malagazi, Khayelitsha, and Faufung.

Adoption of 24 Communities, Sri Lanka

The SSSIO – Sri Lanka have been involved in Community Service Projects over 3 decades. In total 24 Villages have been adopted by SSIO – Sri Lanka.

Rebuilding Palu, Indonesia

SSSIO of Indonesia has adopted the Palu city on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi devastated by a Tsunami following a 7.8 magnitude earthquake on September 28, 2018.

Adoption of Marrakech and Tamazouzt Villages in Morocco

The SSSIO Morocco has adopted two comprehensive community projects in Marrakech and Tamazouzt.

2014 World Education Conference

Sri Sathya Sai Ideal Education Conference was held in Prasanthi Nilayam from 6-8 July 2014.

2014 World Education Conference Booklet ❐

Conference on Sri Sathya Sai Ideal Education in Prashanti Nilayam July 2014.

2014 World Education Conference Report

Summary Report and Recommendations

2008 World Education Conference

On 20-22 July 2008, Sri Sathya Sai World Foundation held an Education Conference in Prasanthi Nilayam, with over 1000 overseas delegates from 90 countries.

2008 World Education Conference Exhibition

Panels, Posters and exhibition displays held in the Purnachandra as part of World Foundation Education Conference 2008.