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Sathya Sai Baba
Discourses in 2008

25 Dec. (Christmas). Contemplate on God, the real hero, for victory. html    pdf

23 Nov. (83rd Birthday) Lead a happy life with a feeling of camaradarie and fraternity. html   pdf

22 Nov. (Convocation) Love is God,live in love. html   pdf

09 Oct. (Dasara) All are alike - be alike to everyone. html   pdf

12 Sep. (Onam) Develop self-confidence to attain God-realisation. html   pdf

06 Aug. (Changeover of Vice Chancellors). Educare leads to unity of thought, word, and deed.  html   pdf

22 July (Valedictory address at Education Conference). Love is Truth; Truth is Love; Live in Love.   html   pdf

21 July (Sri Sathya Sai World Foundation Education Conference). Lead an Ideal Life and Set an Example for Others.  html   pdf       

20 July (Sri Sathya Sai World Foundation Education Conference). Develop Educare and Be United. html   pdf

18 July (Guru Purnima). Develop Faith and Self-Confidence to Gain Self-Realisation html   pdf

28 June. Undertake Rama Chintana  html   pdf

06 May (Easwaramma Day). Respect, Honour, and Make Your Mother Happy html   pdf

01 May. Man without morality is verily a demon   html   pdf

13 April (Tamil New Year) Have self-confidence and achieve everyhing   html   pdf

07 March (Mahasivaratrhi) Cultivate good thoughts and noble feelings in your heart.   html    pdf

06 March (Mahasivarathri) A true life is one that is suffused with love.   html   pdf

15 January (Makara Sankranthi). Revere your mother and father as God.  html   pdf

01 January (New Years). All are One; be alike to everyone.   html    pdf