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Sathya Sai Baba
Discourses in 2007

26 December. Anything is Life can be Achieved with Faith in God.  html   pdf

15 December. Love is God; Live in Love.   html   pdf

22 November (Convocation). Oneness with God is true education.  html    pdf

13 November (akhanda bhajans). Akhanda bhajan —unbroken namadmarana is the goal.  html    pdf

21 October (Vijayadasami). Make sathya and dharma your steadfast companions. html   pdf

24 August (Visit to Book Trust). Bhagawan blesses the Book Trust office.   html    pdf

22 August (21st anniv. of MBA program). Discrimination is the means to self-realisation.   html    pdf

28 July (Youth Conf. valedictory address). Always be happy and peaceful.   html    pdf

26 July (Youth Conf. inaugural address). Only love for God is true love.   html    pdf

06 May Easwaramma Day). Make your mind the master of desires.   html    pdf

14 April (Tamil New Year). Water is God's gift to man.   html    pdf

27 March (Ramanavami). Remember the name of Rama forever.   html    pdf

20 March (Ugad evening). Develop love and lead the life of a true manava.   html    pdf

20 March Ugadi morning). The happiness of everyone is My happiness.   html    pdf

17 February (Mahasivarathri). Give up ego and attachment and become great.   html    pdf

16 February (Mahasivarathri). Tread the path of Truth by constantly contemplating on God.   html    pdf

11 February (Adilabad Parthi Yagna). Be united in divine Love.   html    pdf

27 January (Athi Rudra Maha Yagna). God helps those who help others.   html    pdf

15 January (Makari Sankranthi). Repose faith in your conscience.   html    pdf