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The climate in Prasanthi Nilayam
Puttaparthi can be hot and humid. The temperature is generally:

summer: 30°C. - 40°C. (81F - 108F)
winter: 20°C. - 27°C. (54F - 73F)

The southwest monsoons play a major role in determining the climate. The northeast monsoons are responsible for about one-third of the total rainfall. Some rainfall may be expected during the months of June, July, and August and again from October to December.

Morning hours from November to early February can be quite chilly, so light woolens are advisable during this time. But it usually warms up once the sun comes up.

Here is more information on the weather, by month:

January:   pleasant/warm. 30 degrees celsius (86 Fahrenheit)
February:   hot. 32 (91)
March:   very hot. 35-40 (95-104)
April:   very hot. 35-43 (95-107)
May:   very hot. 35-43 (95-107)
June:   very hot, light rain. 33 (91)
July:   hot, sudden heavy rains. 33 (91)
August:   hot, sudden heavy rains. 32 (90)
September:   hot 32. (90)
October:   hot, light rains. 32 (90)
November:   hot, light rains. 31 (88)
December:   pleasant. 30 (86)

Height above sea level: 800 meters
Latitude: 14 degrees North
Longitude: 78 degrees East