Hari Conjeevaram, MD is professor of Medicine at the University of Michigan and fellowship director for the department of Gastroenterology. He is also an award-winning educator of medical fellows, residents and students. Dr. Conjeevaram has been actively involved for many years in worldwide medical service and humanitarian/disaster relief activities of the SSIO.  His travels have taken him to Haiti, Philippines, Indonesia, within the USA and many other places.

Dr. Conjeevaram focuses on the medical aspects of the humanitarian relief activities of the SSIO.   He focuses on lessons learned over the years in these relief activities and goes over the mechanism of guideline development for these activities. Dr. Conjeevaram gives examples of how the SSIO provides relief specific to the local needs, tailored to the local population and their culture.  He stresses the need not only for immediate needs of the suffering people but also prolonged, sustained relief, including community development while following the core principles of the SSIO. He also stresses the importance of the young adults who contributed significantly to the SSIO humanitarian relief activities. These SSIO health care professionals provide not only supplies, but also holistic,  loving, compassionate medical care, emotional and spiritual support under very stressful situations.