Chandra Varadachari, MD is a pathologist who resides in St. Louis, Missouri. She has been an active member of the SSIO, participating in numerous medical camps and clinics.  She is also coordinator of the medical rotations and medical camps of the SSIO. Dr. Varadachari discusses the mechanism of participation in the SSIO medical activities. The healthcare provides of the SSIO not only participate in medical camps and clinics in the USA and abroad but also in the Sathya Sai medical institutions in India.

Dr. Varadachari reviews the requirements for service in SSIO medical camps and gives a detailed review of requirements for participation in the Sathya Sai General hospitals and superspecialty hospitals (SSSIHMS) in India.  Dr. Varadachari also gives details of the services provided at the medical camps in Prasanthinilayam. She provides details of types of services provided including dental and medical care. She concludes that these services help us to become more compassionate medical providers and better human beings.