FAQs for S.A.I. (Service – Adoration – Illumination) Series of Zonal Events

With Swami’s love and by His grace, we are eagerly looking forward to the online Zonal Presentations (SAI Series) during 2021-2022. The first presentation will be delivered by the countries of SSSIO Zone 4 (Southeast Asia) on October 23, 2021 in conjunction with the Avatar Declaration Day celebrations.

Here are the answers to some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about these events.

What is this event about?

The event is a string of beautiful presentations by SSE children, Young Adults, and senior devotees featuring song, play, inspiring news, events, transformational experiences, moving stories and wonderful glimpses of the work carried out by members of SSSIO Zone 4.

Sounds interesting! How long is this event?

Just 90 minutes! The world comes to your doorsteps online for only 90 minutes to enable you to relax and enjoy the uplifting and transformational spiritual experiences of other devotees.

I hope I can make it. I hope I remember.

Tremendous effort is being made by many people from the countries of SSSIO Zone 4. Children and adults are working together seamlessly to present a bouquet of performance to Swami. We invite you to share its fragrance and hope that you can join us.

Why do you say it is a spiritual experience?

The love and dedication of devotees for Swami is being showcased through many beautiful online gems. This is our opportunity to experience Swami’s glory and His love. Spirituality is to be immersed in the feeling of oneness while enjoying His splendor shown by the wonderful work of the SSSIO members all around the world.

It sounds and looks so exciting. How can I help?

The online presentations are appropriate for everyone and can be enjoyed by people from all walks of life. We are sure many people will attend if you help us forward the invitation and encourage them to join here.

I do send emails but there is still no response. Then what should I do?

If we send a wedding invitation to someone, surely, we also follow up with phone calls to remind them of the event. Likewise, we should try to follow up and ensure that they plan to join us in these celebrations.

This is pandemic time, and most people cannot travel.

This is a perfect time for everyone to simply log in from home or tune in from wherever they are. In fact, the whole family can sit together and enjoy watching the program. This also provides a bonding opportunity for the family.

I would like to invite my friends who are not members of the SSSIO.

Perfect! As Swami has said “Spread My message far and wide.” We belong to one of the most glorious organizations created by the Lord Himself, who even lent His name to the SSSIO. We should feel proud to be SSSIO members. Why not be a messenger of inspiration and invite one and all for this grand celebration?

Can I get SSE, SSEHV children and their respective parents to join in the session?

Yes, surely. In fact, we encourage SSE/SSEHV children to watch this program along with their parents. The community can then understand the amazing work being done by the SSSIO in helping promote human values and serving humanity, worldwide. The opportunity will be both enriching and rewarding.

With the blessings of Sri Sathya Sai Baba, we will share love from other SSSIO Zones across the world, starting in January 2022.