Climate crisis – why change starts with each of us

Find out what is causing climate change and the impact this could have on each of us.

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Find out how just by making some simple life choices, each of us individually and collectively can change this disastrous course.

The human population is larger than it has ever been. As a result, if everyone consumes as much as the average North American, we would need almost 4 Earths to sustain us.

What’s wrong with our lifestyle?

Our current lifestyles, from the things we buy, to our transport, to the use of non-renewable energy, plus the meat and dairy we consume, are all contributing to the present day climate crisis and environmental pollution. Without realising the impact of our actions, we are actually straining Mother Earth’s life support system.

How do we know climate crisis exists and what could change?

Global temperatures have increased by 1.4 degrees since the year 1880 and unless we make significant changes to our behaviour, temperatures will continue to rise.

There are many impacts as a result of this, including more heatwaves, the Artic would melt quickly leading to rising sea levels and the flooding of coastal cities – Osaka, Rio, Miami and Shanghai would be some of the first to drown.

Drier climates would become even drier, and wetter climates even wetter. All of these affect our ability to grow food and feed the population. This will lead to more outbreaks of disease and affect economic activity. The amount of acid in our oceans has also increased by over 20% in the last 200 years, destroying coral reefs.

The overall impact will change the lives of millions of people.

If each of us can take action to buy less, consume less, use public transport, eat local and vegetarian, fly less, etc., we can restore our planets health.


What can you do to reduce your impact on the environment?

Get started by watching these inspiring videos below and browsing the resources.

SSIO International Environmental Initiatives

Get inspired by action taken across the globe from tree planting to environmental clean ups and natural disaster clean ups.


Go green tips for an environmentally friendly life

Sathya Sai Baba says ‘Tread softly, move reverentially, utilise gracefully’ which helps us understand the ideal mindset. You will also get practical tips to apply.



Reach out the SSIO Environmental Sustainability Committee at with any questions, ideas or comments.


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