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saadhaka (sadhaka). Spiritual aspirant.

saadhana (sadhana). Spiritual discipline or exercise; self effort.

saadhu (sadhu). Virtuous, wise aspirant, pious or righteous person.

saadhu-guna. Virtuous qualities.

saagara-samgama. Place where a river joins the ocean.

saahasam. Adventurous, courageous quality.

saakaara (sakara). With form.

saakshaath-kaara. Divine spiritual experience or vision.

saama. Particular kind of sacred hymn; song from Saama-vedha.

saamana. Particular kind of sacred verse to be chanted; hymn.

saankhya (sankya). One of six leading systems of spiritual vedhik philosophy, attributed to sage Kapila. Its chief object is the emancipation of the soul from the bonds of worldly existence.

saankhyan. One who believes in or propounds the saankhya system of thought.

saatthvik. Adjective form of satthva; serene, pure, good, balanced.

saathvika-marga. Path of serenity, purity, balance, goodness.

saatthvik-manas. Awakened conscience; literally, pure mind.

saayujya (sayujya). Union, merger with the Divine.

saddharma. True dharma or righteousness.

sadhaachaara. Good conduct.

sadhbhaava. Goodness, good nature.

sadhbuddhi. Good sense.

sadh-dharshan. Correct vision.

sadhgathi. Good path.

sadhguna. Good character, virtue.

sadhguru. True teacher to be followed.

sadhyomukthi. Instantaneous liberation.

sa-guna. With qualities, with form, materialized.

sahaja. Innate, inborn, natural.

sahaja-bhakthi. Natural true devotion.

sahaja-svabhaava. Innate nature.

sahana. Tolerance.

sahas. Power, victory, strength.

sahasranaama. 1000 names of Shiva or Vishnu.

sajjana. Wise, virtuous people.

sa-kaama-karma. Karma with expectation to reap fruit for oneself.

sakshathkaara. Direct experience of the Lord.

samaa-dhaana. Mind-control by equanimity.

samaadhi. Literally, total absorption. State of super consciousness resulting in union with or absorption in the ultimate reality, the Aathma.

samaana. Digestive air; equal; even breath.

sama-buddhi. Equal-mindedness.

sama-chitthatthvam. Equanimitous or balanced state.

samanvaya. Mutual connection, harmonizing factor.

sama-rasa. Enjoyment in equanimity.

samashti. Collective aggregate of individual parts; an integrated whole.

samatha. Equal-mindedness, harmony.

samathaa-buddhi. Balanced state of intellect.

samathvam. Equanimity of outlook.

samathva-sthithi. State of equanimity.

samavarthana. Ceremony for completion of studenthood.

sambhaashana. Speech, conversation.

samdhaanakarini. Healing mixture used for Lakshmana.

sameepa. Nearest.

samhitha. Collection of methodically arranged verses or text; continous text of the Vedhas as formed out of the separate words by proper phonetic changes.

Sammohana. Raama's arrow that deluded the enemy.

sampath, sampatthi. Wealth, treasure, excellence, virtue.

samsaara. The objective world; sea of change; cycle of birth and death; transmigration.

samskaara. Inborn desire, mental impression of acts done in former state of existence. Purificatory ceremony or sacrament.

samthusthi. Total contentment.

samyagdharshana. Complete perception or vision of the truth; perfect spiritual knowledge; highest nondual realization of Self.

samyak. Right, correct, true, integral.

sam-yoga. Union.

sanaathana (sanathana). Ancient and also eternal.

Sanaathana Dharma (Sanathana Dharma). Eternal Universal Religion.

sandhya. Early morning, noon, and evening.

sandhyavandana. Morning, noon, or evening prayers.

sanga-buddhi. Mind with strong attachments.

sanjeevakarini. Antidote, potion causing life.

sankalpa. Will, resolve.

sankata. Grief, danger, difficulty.

sanmaarga. Good conduct.

sannidhi. Presence.

santhosha. Peace, contentment, happiness.

sanyaasa. Renunciation-detachment, mendicancy.

sanyaasa-dharma. Dharma for a renunciate.

sanyaasin. Renunciant, mendicant.

sarovar. Lake.

Sarpaasthra. Serpent arrow.

sarva. All, every.

sarva-aadhaara. Basis of all.

sarva-bhuutha-anthar-aathma. Inner reality or self in all beings.

Sarva-chaithanya. Omni-consciousness.

sarva-dharma. All feelings of obligations and responsibilities, of rights and duties.

sarva-jana. All people.

sarva-jana-samaana. Equality of all people.

sarva-jna. Omniscient.

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sarva-karma-phala. The fruit of all karma.

sarva-loka-hitha. Universal good; benefit of whole world.

sarva-maanava-sukha. Welfare of all human beings.

sarva-mangala. Universal welfare, joy, victory.

sarva-shaktha. All-powerful.

sarva-vyaapi. Present everywhere, all pervading.

Sarveshvara. The Lord of all.

sath (sat). Existence, being, good.

sath-chith-aanandha (sat-chit-ananda). Existence-knowledge-bliss, or being-awareness-bliss.

sath-guna. Virtuous quality.

sath-guru. Virtuous teacher.

sath-puruusha. Wise man.

sath-sanga. Good company.

sath-sheela. Good conduct, behaviour.

sathya. Truth.

sathya-dharma. Law of truth, practice of truth.

sathya-loka. Realm of truth.

sathya-nithya. Truth-eternity.

sathya-vathi. Truth-based, truthful.

Sathya-yuga. Age of truth; first of the four yugas.

satthva. Purity, calmness, serenity, joy, strength, goodness. Associated with colour white. See guna.

satthva-guna. Quality of purity, calmness, serenity, joy, strength, goodness. Associated with colour white. See guna.

sauvarnakarini. The golden remedy for disease.

sa-vichaara. With deliberation and reasoning or enquiry.

sa-vikalpa. With differentiated ideation, thoughts of difference.

sa-vitharka. With logical argumentation.

seetha. Furrow.

seva. Selfless service; service to others while trying to serve the God within them.

Shaakthopaasana (Sakthopasana). Worship of the feminine aspect of the divine.

shaantha-bhaktha. Peaceful devotee.

shaantha-bhakthi. Peaceful devotion.

shaantha-manthra. Manthra for peace.

shaanthi. Peace, equanimity, serenity, tranquility.

shaasthra (sastra). Holy scripture; sacred text; that which commands, orders, directs with authority.

shaastrik. Relating to the scriptures.

shaashvatha. Eternal.

shabdha. Sound.

shabdhopaasana. Contemplation, meditation on sound.

shad. Root form of sitting, also destroying.

Shaivopaasana. Shiva worship.

shakthi. Great universal power, divine energy, strength.

shakthipath. Descent of divine energy.

shama (sama). Control of the senses, peace, equanimity, tranquility.

sharanaagathi. Absolute self-surrender.

sharanam-vraja. Take refuge; resort to self-surrender.

sharath, sharathkaala. Autumn.

shareera (sarira). Body.

shaareeraika. All the components of the embodied Aathma..

shavam. Corpse, tomb.

sheersha. Head.

shesha. Divine serpent.

Shikharee. Mace given to Raama by Vishvaamithra.

shiksha. Phonetics instruction, teaching.

shikshaka. Teacher.

shikshana. Learning.

shishya. Pupil, student, disciple.

shiva. Divine, auspicious, gracious.

Shivalinga. See lingam.

shivam. Temple, the divine; refers to Shiva.

Shivoham. I am Shiva, or divine.

shloka (sloka). Verse.

shoucha. Purity, cleanliness.

shraamika. Labourer.

shraddha (sraddha). Faith.

shravana. Listening to discourses on the scriptures.

shree (sree). Success, good fortune, welfare.

shreyas (sreyas). Blessedness, ultimate good.

shreyo-karma. Actions that liberate.

shreyomarga. Path of fulfillment.

Shri (Shree, Sri). Honorific prefix to the name of deities; respectful title of venerated persons and celebrated works.

shrothriyas. Versed in the Vedhas; strict followers of Vedhik culture.

shruthi. Sacred revelations orally transmitted by braahmanas from generation to generation, differing from traditional law codes (smrithi). Divinely sourced scripture; Vedha; divine words known by revelation; that which was heard or listened to.

shubha. Good, auspicious.

shubham. Hurrah, welcome, good, auspicious.

shuddha. Pure.

shukla. White.

shukla-paksha. The bright fortnight.

shuudhra. Labourer, the fourth caste (of workers).

shuunya. Emptiness; void.

Siddhaantha. Authoritative texts.

siddhapurusha. One who has attained the highest goal of spiritual exercise, perfect one.

siddhi. Perfection; yogik power.

Sikh-upaasana. Sikh mode of worship.

Simhalagna. Zodiacal sign of the lion.

sishya. Pupil.

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smarana. Remembering the name of the Lord.

smrithi. Code of law; traditional law delivered by human authors.

snaana. Bath.

soham. I am God.

soukhya. Happiness, contentment.

sparsha, sparshana. Touch, contact.

Sri. Same as Shri.

srishthi (srishti). Creation.

srishthi-kartha. Author of this creation.

sthaavara. The fixed, stationary.

sthairyam. Steadfastness.

sthira-sukha-aasanam. Steady, comfortable sitting posture for meditation.

sthitha-prajna. Person of steady integral spiritual wisdom.

sthithi. Preservation, staying, abiding. Also a state, position, condition.

sthothra (stotra). Hymn of praise of God.

sthree-dharma. Dharma for women.

sthuula. Gross, material, superficial.

su-dharshan. True vision.

su-dhee. Person of pure intellect.

sujnaana (sujnana). Good knowledge, ability to distinguish right from wrong.

sukha-svabhaava. Happy-natured.

suktha. Hymn.

sumathi. Person with good intelligence.

Sura. God.

suraa. Liquor.

sushumnaa. Nerve current passing through the spinal column from the basal plexus (mulaadhara) to the crown of the head (sahasraara).

sushupthi. Deep sleep state.

suukshma. Subtle.

suuktha. Hymn.

suurya-loka. Region of the solar principle.

suuthra (sutra). Concise rule or aphorism; that which, through a few words only, reveals vast meanings; text consisting of aphorisms or maxims.

suuthradhaari. Director of the play.

svaadhyaaya. Study of religious scriptures, especially the Vedhas.

svaadhyaaya-yajna. Self study of scriptures.

svaaha. Expression used for auspiciousness while making oblations.

sva-bhaava. Essential nature, essence, reality, truth.

sva-dharma. One's own dharma or duty.

sva-dharma-nishtha. Devotion to one's duty.

sva-karma. Own destiny or fate.

svapna. Dream state.

svara. Musical notation.

svarga. Heaven.

svarloka. Celestial plane, heaven.

sva-ruupa. Form, essential nature, true nature of Being.

sva-thanthra. Freedom.

svayam-jyothi. Self-illuminating.

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