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paani. Hand.

paapa (papa). Evil deed.

paaramaartha (paramaartha). Fool's goal.

Paaramarthika. Relating to the highest truth, Aathma.

paasha. Bond.

paashu-patha-asthra. Shiva's missile.

paashu-pathopaasana. Shiva worship.

paatalee. A tree with blossoms that don't turn into fruit.

paathaalahoma. Ritual to ensure victory.

paathra-dhaari. Actor, competent person.

paayasam. Food, made with sweetened milk.

padha. Word, speech, sign, position, step.

padhaartha. Word-meaning; thing, object.

padhma. 1,000 billion.

padmaasana. Lotus-like posture.

pandith (pandit, pundit). Learned scholar, wise man.

para. Higher, beyond, supreme, best.

para-aakaasa. Supreme space.

paraakrama. Adventure.

paraa-prakrithi. Higher world, nature.

Paraartha. Highest Truth.

paraa-shakthi. Universal cosmic energy; supreme energy.

Paraa-shakthi. Supreme Goddess, embodiment of highest energy.

Paraath-para. The Omniself, That which is beyond the Beyond.

paraa-vidhyaa. Spiritual science.

Parabrahma-svaruupa. The form of the absolute Supreme.

Paramaanandha. Highest bliss, union with Brahman.

Paramaartha. Highest goal.

Paramaartha-dhrishti. Supra-vision; highest vision of truth.

Paramaartha Vaahini. Stream of spiritual values, highest truth.

Paramaathma. Supreme Self, Supreme Aathma.

paramahamsa. Realized sage.

paramapadha. Highest stage of spirituality; final emancipation.

Parama-purusha. The supreme Spirit.

parama-purushas. The highest souls.

parama-shaanthi. Highest peace.

Parameshvara. Supreme Lord, highest Godhead.

Param-jyothi. Highest revelation, supreme light, divine intelligence.

parashakthi. Highest energy.

Parathatthva. Absolute supreme principle.

parigraha. Accepting help from others.

paripuurna. Full, complete, entire.

paripuurnathaa. Self-sufficiency.

parishuddha. Purity.

parithyajya. Abandon, cast aside.

parnashaala. Leaf-hut, arbor.

paroksha. Unseen, invisible.

paroksha-jnaana. Indirect or mediate spiritual wisdom.

paropakaara. Service to others.

pashu. Animal, bull.

pashu-balam. Animal strength.

pathivratha. Chaste and loyal to the husband.

pathivrathaa-dharma. Duty of a chaste wife to husband.

pathni. Housewife.

peetha-ambara. Yellow cloth.

phala-thyaaga. Renunciation of the fruit of action.

pindaanda. Microcosmos.

pingala-naadi-maarga. Path of the psychic nerve current, terminating in the right nostril; solar path.

pithri-yaana. Path of ancestors, through which the soul ascends to the Lunar World to enjoy the benefits of ritual works.

pourusha. Vitality, valour.

praana (prana). Life-breath, life force, vital energy, the five vital airs.

praanaayaama. Breath control.

praanaayama kosha. Body sheath of vital airs.

praani. Living unit.

praarabdha-karma. Karma from previous births that determines the present life.

praathah-sandhya. Dawn worship of the Lord.

prabhaa. Brilliance.

Prabhuki. Dear Lord.

pradhaana. Primordial matter; source of material world according to Saankhya.

praja. The ruled, people.

prajnaana. Highest wisdom.

prakaanthi. Radiance, spiritual effulgence.

prakaasha. Effulgence, luminosity.

prakrithi. Causal matter, creation, nature.

prakrithi-purusha. Nature-spirit.

prakrithi-shakthi. Power of nature.

pralaya. Dissolution of the world.

pranava. Om, the sacred primordial sound principle.

prapancha. Created world.

prapanna. One who surrenders to the Lord.

prapatthi. Surrender to the Lord, unflinching devotion.

prasaadha (prasad). Consecrated food.

prashaanthi. Supreme peace, equanimity.

pratheekopaasana (prathikopasana). Worship of symbols.

prathi-bimba. Image, that with which an object is compared.

prathi-ruupa-upaasana. Image adoration or worship.

prathyaahaara. Control of mind; withdrawing senses from the external world and turning them toward a higher consciousness.

prathyagaathma. The inner "I".

prathyaksha. Direct knowledge, perceptible, before one's eyes.

praveshtum. Entering.

pravritthi. Wordly activity, attachment.

prema. Divine or supreme love.

preritha. Urged, impelled.

preyas. Pleasing, pleasurable sensation, worldly joy.

prithvee. Earth, world .

priyam. Love, dearness.

punya. Virtuous deeds, good works, meritorious actions.

puraana. Ancient.

Puraanik. Relating to Puraana.

purusha. Perfect person, supreme lord, soul.

Purusha. Primeval male, Supreme Spirit.

purusha-arthas. Goals of human life.

purusha-dharma. Dharma for man.

Purushotthama. The supreme Lord of all.

purva paksha. Technique of raising an objection to expound truth.

pushpaka-vimaana. Divine aerial chariot fashioned by Vishvakarma.

Pushya. Sixth lunar mansion; auspicious constellation.

pusthaka. Book.

puthra. Son.

puthra-kaameshthi. Sacrifice prescribed for those wanting to beget a son.

puuja. Worship.

puuraka. Inhalation of air.

puuri. Fried bread

puurna. Complete, full.

puurna Avathaar. Avathaar with full power of the Godhead.

puurnathvam. Perfection, fullness.

puurva meemaamsa. Inquiry into or interpretation of the ritualistic action part of the Vedha.

puurva-samskaara. Prior purification, or past impressions leaving an impact on present life.

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raaga (raga). Sense of attachment, passion, affection .

raaja. Ruler, king, member of ruling class.

raaja-dharma. Rules relating to a king.

raaja-maatha. Queen Mother.

raajarshi (rajarshi). Royal sage.

raajasik (rajasic). Adjective form of rajas; passionate, emotional.

raajasika-marga. Path of passionate action.

raaja-yoga. Royal yoga of meditation, detachment, and desirelessness. Eight-fold path of yoga developed by Pathanjali, which includes control of the mind and withdrawal of the senses from the external world.

raaja-yogi (raja-yogi). Yogi on the path of royal yoga (raaja-yoga).

Raajya-lakshmee. Goddess of the kingdom; good fortune of the kingdom.

raakshasa. Demon.

raama (rama). Joy, delight. See Raama.

Raama-kathaa. Story of Raama.

rajas. Passion, activity, restlessness, aggressiveness. Associated with colour red. See guna.

rajoguna. Quality of passion, activity, restlessness, aggressiveness. Associated with colour red. See guna.

raksha. Saviour, protection.

rakshaka. Protector, amulet.

rakshka-varna. Caste of protectors or guardians of law and order; thewarrior (kshathriya) caste.

ranjana. Pleasing, delighting.

rasa. Taste, sweetness, essence of enjoyment.

rathi. Attachment.

rechaka. Exhalation of air.

rijuthvam. Integrity , sincerity.

rik. Hymn or sacred verse, from the Vedhas.

rishi. Sage, wise man.

rithvik. Priests.

roga. Disease.

rogi. Sick person.

rudhraaksha. A tree; its berries are used for making rosary beads.

ruupa (rupa). Form, figure, appearance.

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