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Collection of over 1900 photos
200 pixels / inch


This collection of photos was assembled by the College Students a number of years ago.
The photos are 200 pixels per inch resolution.

Click on atitle to see thumbnails, and click on any thumbnail to see the photo.

You can download a .zip file of the photos and of the thumbnails. In some of the categories,
we have split the images into several files to make it easier to download them.

Title Number Description zip files of photos
zip files of
Abhaya 30 Swami with hands up
(see pic in upper right corner)
4.4MB 52KB
Pashu 73 Swami with animals 8.1MB 136KB
Bala (pg. 1
         (pg. 14)
328 Swami as a youth and as a
young adult
5.9MB, 5.9MB, 6.1MB
5.8MB, 8.5MB, 3.8MB
Birthday 116 Swami at Birthday festivities 7MB, 8.4MB 212KB
Brindavan 18 Brindavan (ashram near Bangalore) 2.3MB 32KB
Closeup (pg. 1)
                (pg. 11)
266 Close-ups of Swami 3.9MB, 4.1MB, 4.0MB
4.2MB, 8.9MB, 4.9MB
Creation 31 Materializations by Swami 4.6MB 56KB
Darshan 39 Swami gives darshan 7.1MB 76KB
Dasara 51 Dasara festival 2.3MB, 4.9MB 96KB
Events 59 Swami and various events & festivities 3.4MB, 5.8MB 112KB
Expressions (pg. 1)
       (pg. 12)
288 Some of Swami's many expressions 4.0MB, 4.6MB, 3.9MB
3.7MB, 7.1MB, 6.6MB
Feet 44 Swami's Lotus Feet 7.6MB 68KB
Festivals 55 Diwali, Christmas, Shivarathri, etc. 4.2MB, 3.0MB 96KB
Full 99 Full-length photos 3.7MB, 3.7MB, 5.7MB 172KB
Nature 104 Swami in gardens, fields, etc. 5.5MB, 4.0MB, 6.3MB 196KB
Places 24 Various places,e.g. Mumbai 2.7MB 32KB
Prasanthi 36 The mandir and other sites 5.9MB, 3.6MB 68KB
Schools 16 School & Institute buildings 2.8MB 28KB
Shirdi 16 Shirdi 3.1MB 36KB
Stadium 7 Views from the stadium 1.3MB 12KB
Throne 154 Swami on various chairs and thrones 5.5MB, 5.5MB, 8.7MB 288KB
Travel 67 Traveling with Swami 3.3MB, 4.6MB, 3.5MB 124KB