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Gallery of Sai Pictures
from Barry

These pictures were given to us by J.K. Barry. They are ordered by year. Resolution is 300-500.

1970: Brindavan darshan

1972: Prasanthi NIlayam Birthday celebrations

1975: Visit to Shimla, public meetings; at Scandal Point

1978: Visit to Delhi

1979: Brindavan: SaiRam Shed. Prasanthi Nilayam: darshan, mandir, Purnachandra festivals

1980: Bangalore: Leela Pillai's home, bless Barry family, darshans, Inauguration of Gokulam, seminar in Lal Bagh.
            Prasanthi NIlayam: morning darshan, Shiva Temple

1981: Brindavan: darshan, Ramanavami. Prasanthi Nilayam: Purnachandra, Guru Purnima, Inauguration of elephant.
           Brindavan: Narayana seva, Gokulahtami, Bhoomi Puja. Prasanthi Nilayam: Dassara, Jula      
           Muddenahalli: Sathya Sai Grama. Prasanthi Nilayam: Inauguration of Junior College Building

1982: Brindavan: darshan, Narayana seva, Chandru-Sheela wedding, visit Gen Mahadevan residence.
           Prasanthi Nilayam: darshan, Chinese New Year, Dasara, Jhula in Purnachandra, Conference, First Convocation, 57th Birthday,
           Visit to Yallahanka

1983: Muddenahalli: SSS Loka Seva Trus., Prasanthi Nilayam: Onam, Medical camp, Second Convocation, 58th Birthday

1985: Prasanthi Nilayam: darshan, Purnachandra Hall, Administration building, 60th Birthday

1990: Prasanthi Nilayam: 65th Birthday, World Conference, 9th Convocation,

1991: Prasanthi Nilayam: darshan, mandir, Administration building, Museum, 10th Convocation, 66th Birthday,

1992: Prasanthi Nilayam: 11th Convocation, 67th Birthday

1994: Prasanthi Nilayam: 13th Convocation, 69th Birthday, Jhula,

1995: Brindavan Summer Course. Prasanthi Nilayam: Inauguration of CT Scanner, 14th Convocation, 70th Birthday

1996: Prasanthi Nilayam: Seva Dal blessing, Ladies Day, Exhibition, programmes, 15th Convocation, 71tst Birthday

1997: Prasanthi Nilayam: Hand over water project,

2000: Prasanthi Nilayam: 19th Convocation, 75th Birthday, Dana Gillespie sings

2002: Prasanthi Nilayam: 21st Convocation

2010: Delhi: Visit on 14 April