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Ashta Pushpanjali

Garland of Eight Flowers of Virtues




Ashta Pushpanjali

Ashta Pushpanjali (Garland of Eight Flowers of Virtues) was written by Sri Sarla Indulal Shah, founder of and National Coordinator for Sri Sathya Sai Bal Vikas (India). The webpage describes this wonderful submission to Bhagawan, including a brief discussion of the eight flowers of virtues (see table below).

You can download the word document(14.7MB) from which the webpage was created and a pdf version (872KB).The cover page (to the right) and the foreword of this book are included on the webpage. Click on the image to the right to obtain a 6.3MB version of it.

The webpage also contains information on how to obtain this book.



Eight Flowers of Virtues
Sathya Truth
Ahimsa Nonviolence
Indriya Nigrah Control of Sensory Organs
Tapas Austerities
Kshama Forgiveness
Dhyana Meditation
Shanti Peace
        Sarva Bhuta Daya         Compassion to All Living Beings