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Article about the
Sai School in
Chatsworth, South Africa

Kalyan Ray, Chair of the Education Committee of Sri Sathya Sai World Foundation and a member of the Prasanthi Council,visited the Chatsworth Sai School in South Africa in late October - early November. The Chatsworth newspaper, "The Rising Sun", wrote an article on the event. Click on the image of the article in the upper right corner to obtain a high-resolution, readable, version (2.9MB).

Kalyan Ray met the parents and responded to concerns. In addition, he met the Parent Teacher Association, and a large gathering of parents. He inspected all school facilities, examined records including budget, school admission procedure, teachers' performance evaluation procedure etc. and also consulted with the faculty of the school and the school governing body.

Just before his departure from South Africa, the editor of a local newspaper visited the school, met with Kalyan Ray, and wrote this uplifting newspaper article regarding the Sai School and Kalyan Ray's successful visit.

The article says that Kalyan Ray commended the Chatsworth Sai School for opening its doors to impoverished pupils --and it soon is set to double its 33 students with poor backgraounds to 66. In the article, Ray points out the relevance of the School in Chatsworth: "With a growing younger generation, it is vital and necessary to instil positive grooming in children, by teaching them to accept each other and adhere to the Sai teaching, which is love, peace, right conduct, truth, and nonviolence. The school, which is not an elitist nstitution, has improved in leaps and bounds with the appointmnent of its new principal, and we see many promsing developments in the future."

The article talks about the Sai institutions of education as an interntional beacon.

It mentions that Kalyan Ray was a pivotal member of the United Nations Habitat project.