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God Is

There's a story behind this poster, which is interesting because "God Is" is one of the three aphorisms being used this year to study what Swami says that He has come into this world to give us, the other two aphorisms being "I am I" and "Love All Serve All".

On 25 March 2010, two Sai devotees were on the subway in New York City. They were new to the subway experience, so they carefully watched as the train moved from one station to another. They chatted happily, but kept a look out so as not to miss their stop.

But, just when they thought they were about to reach their destination, the train suddenly seemed to have passed their stop and brought them to 102nd street. TheyI quickly realized that they had missed (even when they were paying close attention) their stop and needed to get on another train going back downtown to 98th street.

They got out, walked over to the opposite platform for another train going back just one stop. As they got inside this train, to their complete astonishment, they spotted this poster with beautiful colors showing in a very bold print the words- GOD IS in the center pasted on the train wall. It was amazing, because in the past two weeks they had been discussing "God Is" in their study circle.They immediately knew they had missed their stop so they could discover this Poster, GOD IS !!!

Upon inquiring, they found that about 1000 subway trains will be carrying this ad as a spiritual drive from the Trinity Church on Times, with the goal to remind everyone of God's imminent presence.

We downloaded this image from the website shown below. You can buy the poster on this website.