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Information on 85th Birthday

See a program of festivities for 15-23 November.

See a program for the World Conference.

From 17 to 23 November:

Road Transport Authorities (KSRTC) will be operating busses from Bangalore Airport to Prasanthi Nilayam at 1300hrs, 0330hrs, 0500 hrs for Indian & Overseas Sai devotees. KSRTC They will keep 2 spare buses at the Airport; as and when a bus is filled, they will use the additional buses.

Banagalore Sevadal will have Sai ,reception counters at the Airport in front of Arrival gate to assist you all in the B'lore airport staffed 24/7.

KSRTC : Advance reservation facilities are available through AWATAR (Any Where Any Time Advance Reservation system) for booking seats and tickets can be booked 30 days in advance through 162 computerised online booking counters in various parts of Bangalore and computerized online booking counters in various parts of the State and Inter-state places. KSRTC has also appointed a private franchisee (Sri. L.C. Nagaraju, Near APSRTC Bus Stand, Puttaparthy, Phone No. 94402 43722) at Puttaparthy. Bookings can be made through E-booking and mobile bookings. Passengers will get discount on group bookings (5% discount for a group of 4 and above) and discount of 10% is given for return journey bookings if both onward and return tickets are booked simultaneously (in a single transaction). Obtain more details from KSRTC is operating 14 schedules from Bangalore to Puttaparthy and back. KSRTC are planning to run additional 25 special buses during peak days.

'May all have unconditional love and compassion for each other. May Sai Baba protect you and your sweet family always'